Beira, 26th june 2021

 My name is Abdul Adamo, 5th year medical student.  Firstly I would like to greet and thank the donors and all the  members of DfM that have been supporting us from the beginning. Now I started with practice in Beira Central Hospital.  It has been a great and challenging experience to conciliate theory with practice but I am putting all my effort to succeed.  Unfortunately due to Covid-19 we had interruptions which postponed some academic activities but we are trying to recover them. We are facing some difficulties regarding protection materials for Corona virus as they are very expensive. 

Therefore I want to thank you all for the support and help that  you have been providing to us.




First of all I would like to greet donors of the doctors for Mozambique foundation

I am happy because I am in good health and I have a lot of strength to do my best in my studies and successful finish my course. It is a great challenge with some difficulties, but I doing my best. I had difficulties last year because of cyclone Idai, even so I tried very hard and I did my best. This year I start a new phase of medical course (clinical phase-fifth year) this is a practical phase in which I will have direct contact with patients to be able to combine the theoretical part with the practical part.

And finally I would like to thank all members of doctors for Mozambique foundation (DFM) for supporting me on this long way. I Abdul Mereja Adamo, particularly I am very happy for your support.