Firstly I would like to greet all members of the foundation!

Hi! I am Abrão Fernando Abrão, was born on September 25, 1995.

I am well and Healthy. Last year I didn’t perform well in my study because I failed two exams but now I am preparing to do my last examination  in order to finish the 5th year and Start The Last Year. Right now we are in Vacation and soon the New Year will start.

Making a humble retrospective of my 5th year:

Last year I started my practice in the HOSPITAL CENTRAL DA BEIRA, it was so good, because there you feel that you’re in the field that I am going to work in all my life.

First Sector: Surgery Sector

My rotation was in the Surgery Sector, where I learned about how to make a diagnosis, management, follow up of the surgery diseases.  This was my first practical experience and I faced difficulties to start or feel well involved in the beginning but quickly I overcame it. It was amazing the practicing of making a good Clinical history and nurses practices: first catheterization, put collector urine sac in patients, it is a feeling that I can’t explain (Because  You put out The Theory to The Practice for the first time)

The interesting and sad thing I saw were a lot of cases of esophageal cancer in the last stage. This reality shows me that there is a lot of work that should be done to make the screening of the pre malignant lesion possible and to treat it as soon as possible in order to eliminate the risk of cancer.

Second Sector: Internal Medicine

This was my second experience, the internal medicine, here I learned a lot  making diagnosis, follow up, and treatment of the most common diseases in our country naming Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Meningitis, Pneumonia, Diabetes.

I performed some nurses practices such as My first Lombar Punction, Paracenthesis, that was so amazing.  However, I learned so much in this sector…

Third Sector: Gynaecology and Obstetrics

I loved so much to work in this sector, because here I saw the beginning of the life, and we take care and support life in the first minute of life. I learned a lot of gynecological problems: abortion, miomas, hyperemesis of the pregnant woman; And obstetric problems such as pathological labour/delivery, preeclampsia, Eclampsia, normal/abnormal  Puerperium, and the complications of the pathological labour.

The interest thing I learned is that it is crucial for the population to know the time to go to make the first appointment to the Doctor and make the follow up for the patient and her future baby, because it prevents lot of problems, malformations, and complications related to pathology of the pregnant women. Giving her advice to take good life style adequate to the pregnant woman.

Fourth Sector: Peadiatrics.

This sector is special for me because here I learned that, have Knowledge is most important thing because here you diagnose, and treat patient who can’t collaborate, and help you with telling something that is happening in the body. Only you are guided with the information that is given to  you by the mother, and physical examination and you should identify alone the evolution because she/he can’t talk. But the best thing is, if you make a good diagnosis for sure you will have a good outcome and this is warranted with your Knowledge.

Here I deepened my nurses practices such as catheterization, putting nasogastric tube because this is a bit difficult in children, mainly dehydrated children and marasmatic children.

 I worked in Pediatrics Emergency Room, Infants Room, Nursery Service, Isolation Pediatric Service, Malnutrition Rooms, and Pediatrics Medicine, and it was amazing.

However, during this year I am going  to continue doing my rotations in the Hospital Central da Beira, and the aim for us is Clinical Management, indications and contraindications of pharmacological treatment… And I hope it will be Fantastic.

I wish You all the best, we are Together!

Carry on!

 God Bless You All

June 26, 2021

Abrão Fernando Abrão



Firstly I would like to greet all members of the foundation!

Hi! I am Abrão Fernando Abrão, born on September 25, 1995. Firstly I would like to thank God, because of the life and health given day by day for what I go step by step. Not only, but I thank The Foundation very much giving me the credibility and the effort to carry on with my studies and realize my goals and dream.

Exactly at this moment I am doing my 3rd year that is, starting in 2015 to 2018.

Making a humble retrospective I could learn and know the essence of Medicine from the past years and I take with me a big suitcase of good and bad experience naturally.

1st year:

This was my primordial year and very fascinating because I had my real contact with my loved dream Medicine. I started learn and practice anatomy and physiology. In that moment I had the chance to knew how is our body constituted and is functioning. More fascinating was to go to the Central Hospital of Beira to have the dissection of the body and to see the real form of our organs and feel the consistence and essence of them. It was wonderful. But also I had a Microbiology lesson and I learned how the microorganism can develop inside our body. I made cell culture, identification and nomenclature.

2nd year:

We just follow the anatomy and physiology studies and finish it.

That year we introduce the special area that talk about the genesis of the Human being, that is from the Zygote to a Baby that is Embryology study. I liked very much this area because it showed me that in medicine I need not only to see but thinking is a great way to learn, that is I can’t see all think in medicine but I am also worthy of imagine, and this is the essence that I find in Embryology. Imagine how the Human being develop.

That year I had the honor to experience my first and amazing internship, and had the real feeling and contact with the Health Center far from the faculty. This internship was so good, because I had the chance to join my studies and the real situation. I took with me a lot of experience from the Maternal-childlike Health. I helped doing medical consultation for pregnant women, work in vaccination programs and maternity, this increase my inspiration because day by day we should praise the human being and Carry Him.

The medical consultation for pregnant women was so incredible, because there was prove of sometimes we can think: How is the baby located?? And how he fills in the uterus?? And I could make the techniques (Leopold’s maneuver) and I answered the question above. And I saw the beauty of this.

I participated in my first childbirth, and I felt fascinated, because the beginning seemed that I wanted to lose my soul and breath but when I started helping the childbirth I felt well involved and saw the beginning of new life.

3rd year:

This year we started right now, the Pathophysiology, and the new clinical cases. So we start discovering the Mysteries that are behind all disease. And it is being interesting.

And I will try to do my best to learn and learn.

Finishing, this was what I wanted to share with you Sirs and ask you to be in the same spirit with me.

Thank you for the attention.



Hi! Dears.

I am Abrao Fernando Abrao, I was born on 25 September of 1995.

So I am writing this later to tell you that my last year was very good and I liked it a lot because I got a lot of knowledge and I passed all tests and task that we needed to study well.

When I was doing my first year I saw that when we are outside we think that things are very strange and this way of thinking made me to be a little bit shy and preparing myself to start a new struggle. But without knowing what is going to happen you feel as in the heaven although you a not there. That was my thinking.

During the last year I felt in my soul that medicine is very interesting because I had the opportunity to see and to start really studying deeply and very carefully and it was amazing.

I had the chance to go to hospital in my first block to study macroscopic anatomy, physiology, histology, observing how to rescue lives is important. Yes it was wonderful.

At the faculty we made a lot of different activities such as ability lessons, OSCE exam and so on, it was interesting.

So now I will continue my lessons doing second year this year!

God Bless you!!

We are in the same Spirit.

Abrao Fernando Abrao

January, 08, 2017





I am Abrão Fernando Abrão, I was born in Sofala province, Beira city. My father is Fernando Maune Abrão and my mother is Razão. Last year I was doing propaedeutic year so, as I had been working hard I did the last year without many problems and I passed the year.

Now I have started the first year of medicine!

Many times, when we start the year we start with many conceptions, afraid but we should stay with large ideas, determine ourselves because is sure that nothing come without any effort.

I am very happy to start my lovely medicine course and I think that I still have many things waiting for me, so I must to find the way that is going to help and lead me to find the treasure!

I got on very well because I was not ill and started with a lot of effort because I have a big challenge in this year. So now I am again to say thanks a lot for all things that you have been doing for all members that are studying with me in the same association.

Now I said go on doing this work here in Mozambique!


Abrão Fernando Abrão

Thank you!


AbrãoLetter to the Doctor for Mozambique Foundation

First desired greetings to all!

My name is Abrão Fernando Abrão. I was born on 25th September in 1995, in Beira district, Sofala province, son of Fernando Maune Abrão and Razão Zenda, both from Búzi district.

Currently living with my parents here in Beira. I have six sisters and one brother. My parents are both farmers, meaning that we live by subsistence agriculture. My siblings are called Carolina, Catherine, Louise, Fatima, Rosa, Maria and Antonio.

My sister Carolina has already gone to her home with her husband. Catherine is still keeping on studying in order to reach the high level and Antonio too. The others are still studying at the secondary school. My academic background started at the Community School of St. Peter, where I did the primary level until the seventh grade. I continued in the Primary School of Macurrungo, still in Beira and I did only one year because my father had no money for me to continue studying at that school, so he decided to send me to the Mission of Barada (Secondary School Saint Anthony Barada- Buzi) where I finished my secondary level, I mean the 12th grade. With the desire to one day serve society in an honorable and dignified way and through my efforts I was prompted with the School Director to participate in the selection in Nazareth, where we had a selection weekend and fortunately I was selected, having an opportunity to realize the dream which I always wanted, in this case the study of medicine. With God’s help, Doctor for Mozambique and my effort I would like to reach the top of my purpose, in this case the formation to be a doctor. Blessing to all members of Doctor for Mozambique. Many Thanks.

Doctor for Mozambique, Go ahead! 5th March 2015. Abrão Fernando Abrão.