Me, António Candai José, born September 11, 2005 in Nhamatanda, district of Nhamatanda, province of Sofala, son of Candai José and Maria António Mussa.

I live with my mother, she is a peasant and has five children including me, and her first daughter was with another husband. My father passed away in 2019, and he also had five (5) children, the first one he had with another woman, this means that with my mother they had four children and I am the only son.

Before my father lost his life (passed away) everything was financially balanced, my father worked in the quarry and my mother was helping him with business for earning money to sustain us. From 2012 until 2018 I went to primary school and there I was one of the best students and when I was in 7th grade I dismissed I didn’t take exams. In the town where my mother lives today there were no secondary schools nearby and my parents decided to move me to stay in Gorongosa together with my sister who was already there at the Cristo Rei boarding center, this in the year 2019. Things started to change and my father had to go into debt to increase the expenses we needed, he managed to owe and accumulated debts. In the same year (2019) he got sick for a long time and in month of May he couldn’t resist and left us, in other words, he lost his life.

When my father lost his life everything started to change for the worst. My father’s family abandoned us, they said we were no longer family, they tried to expel us from the house my father left, my elder  brother who my father did to the other wife, he wanted to burn down the house and so on… Everything was difficult for us and my mother always fought for our good, she also wanted to give up on us and God’s grace she was always supported by her friends and family, she would do anything just for us to continue studying. Because of so much suffering, I studied a lot because at the school that I attended high school there was a lot of talk about scholarships for medicine. It was there that medicine became my dream because when my father passed away I already didn’t have a dream. In the 10th class I was one of the best students, in the 11th class, just like in class 12 I was a good student.

After finishing grade 12, I had an impediment, I couldn’t continue with my studies due to lack of money to pay for college, and thank God I was one of those pre-selected to compete for the medicine scholarship in Nazaré provided by DFM. I went there (in Nazaré) and applied and I was one of those selected as a scholarship holder, thanks to the APESMO and DFM association I will continue with my studies. Much happiness from my side, along with my family and gratitude.

Greetings go to all members of the APESMO and DFM association.