I, António Mangole António Bobo, born on 9 December 2004, natural from Machanga, Sofala province, son of António Bobo and Deolinda Ibraimo.

My parents had six children in total, being three men and women as well and one of them died in her eight months of life, wich  is the second from birth.

I come from a family that is not good financially, my father worked for a while in South África, the service did not go ahead because he was ill for a few months so much so that he lost his job and is currently unemployed. My mother pays the family’s agricultural production during the rain season and salt extration for exchange with other products during the dry season.

My parents, despite having low education and financial levels, maneged and continue to send their children to study. Until then, my two older brothers graduated in education as primary school teachers and the other two younger sisters, one is in elementary school and the other is in primary school to school level.

My school level has been good and it should be noted that from the 6th grade onwards it was the school manegement who paid for my school supplies, being one of the highights every year. In 2022, when I was in 11th grade, the middle of the first quarter, I participated in a mathematics olympics competition where I qualified from the school phase to the CPLP international phase which took place in Maputo and in this same international phase I was placed third and that was how I performed until finished 12th grade.

Having already completed 12th grade, my family decided to place me in a teacher training institute like my two older brothers and this was not my dream, until the school proposed that I apply for a scholarship go study medicine in Nazaré made available DFM ( Doctors For Mozambique). I went there, I competed there and I secceeded and I was one of those who qualified. At this moment, next to me and my family there is immense happiness and total gratitude.

My greetings go to all members of the DFM and Apesmo Association.