My name is António Manuel Guede, I am five year  student of general medicine. First off all, I would like to thanks all members of DFM helping me during my clinic phase .I am so happy   for being in contacts whith patients and improve health services for the patients. I now can do activities such as : giving blood,  doing a good physical exam, and more of diagnosis of a lot of diseases. I feel very happy and it motivates me to continue the course. With no more to say I am very grateful  for having this opportunity.


First I greet all the members of Doctors For Mozambique.

The part of health I am okay, thank God. And the student life is going well. I could pass to the third year, I mean, now I am in the third year. Until now the medicine course is going on well and my dream of being a Doctor is on the way of progress. Nevertheless I have the prosperity that my dream will come true. Thanks DFM to give me the chance to do the medicine course. I am very grateful. I am very happy with the course and I felt very well when I was in internship at the health center of Macurrungo.

Being a Doctor is a process but not a desire without sacrifice. To study the Biological Medical Science is a long way that does the better to myself and to my patients in future. Today I do my best for the ones who are sick tomorrow.

Beira, 16 February 2018

António Manuel Guede


First of all, I want to greet you all Members of the Doctors For Mozambique. My name is António Manuel Guede, student of Medicine in this faculty. In my last year here, 2016, my pedagogical profit was good, in spite of some low marks. One of the striking topics for me was Cancer. I loved to study the way it happens and the terminology. I learned that one of the ways to distinguish between a benign tumour from a malignant tumour is to see if there is metastasis. For this year I hope that my potential will be realized, and I will get deep insight in medicine.

António Manuel Guede




Before starting my massage in this letter , I want to greet all people that make part of our magnific Doctors for Mozambique Foundation. you are giving us the power to do our studies we are doing now.

My name is Antonio Manuel Guede,

I am 23years old. I was born on 10 the 1993

I came in the Doctor for Mozambique Foundation at the begin of the last year after doing some exams giving by the direction of ( DFM),

Now I am doing the first semester of the first year of medicine which started two weeks ago. I am very happy that all of you of DfM are helping me at UCM to finance my studies.

To give you information about my studies I can say that my participation and studies at UCM were very well and I hope this will continue in 2016.

At the end thanks to DFM giving me the opportunity to study medicine course.

I wish all the best for DFM members.



Date;on 06 of the february of the 2016



AntónioFirst of all I would like to greet all the members of Doctors for Mozambique Foundation. My name is Antonio Manuel Guede. I was born on 10th September 1993. My father’s name is Manuel Guede and my mother’s name is Maria Chipucha. I am from Buzi District, Sofala province. I am now belonging to this association of Doctors for Mozambique because I got an opportunity of having the scholarship. I am from a very poor family, I mean without a profession that can help to pay my study which is very expensive and which my family cannot afford. I started studying in 2003 at Barada Secondary School when I was 10th years old. I continued studying and I did not fail until finishing the 12th grade in 2014. My father has a single wife. We were born eight children from the same parents. I am the 4th born. The first two were boys and they both died, the third is a girl and she has been married for five years. The other four are all at home, two are studying and the other two are not studying because of the lack of conditions.

It was difficult for me to study. I had to work during all holidays in order to study.

At the end of the letter I need to thank you because of the help you are giving me.