Antonio Vasco





Hello! I’m António Vasco António, student of Medicine, second year. As DFM’s member, I will detail how my last academic year (2020) was.

The 2020 year was very difficult to me, I had a lot of difficulties in social as well as academic areas but I worked hard and I finally got positive results.

I’m very thankful for all that DFM did for us, especially Dr.Gitta. We helped each other a lot, especially in my year; these helpings included almost all areas that were possible and this maintained the mean characteristic of DFM. Seriously, I was not expecting any good result in that year.

At the beginning, the lessons were going normally and we were trying to learn new studying methods, but we soon changed them and we started using online lessons which gave us serious difficulties. Lack of electronic media of studying and participating in online lessons and lack of megabytes to use recommended meeting apps, made our studying and assimilation very poor and gave us worse results.

After returning to intercalary lessons (habitual modality and online), things became more or less and we were having one or two weeks, depending on the complexity of each block, to revise the block that its exam would soon to come; but we had a lot of difficulties to survive all these conditions because a lot of tasks had not been read.  Specifically me, I’ve been stolen cellphone, shoes, bed and almost all food that I had, in different moments, and I just had one online lesson. That left me in worse conditions.

We also had serious problems by the increase of food prices. Because of this it was very difficult to manage the money to at least get a bit of each necessary needs.

The mean cause of detailed problems was covid19 pandemic, and some of these problems are still giving us difficulties. I’m very glad that I passed to second year it was very unexpected and an unforgettable situation.

For last year, it’s all that I wanted to present. We’re keeping on doing our best, although this year still carries the last year effects and covid19 is now increasing the cases of infections which can lead us to last year situations.

Thank you very much

Made by António Vasco Simango

Beira, 26 June 2021.



My name is António Vasco António, I was born at 22-02-2000, in Marrombe Búzi, Sofala district.
Since I was born until my five years old, I was living there in Marrombe, but when my grand-mother death, we moved from there to Chibabava-Mutindiri, where I started living since 2005 up to now. I started studying in 2006, grad 1, when I finished grad 7, I had to move from there to Mangunde Secondary School where I ended my Secondary level  and I got chance to win the Doctors for Mozambique`s Scholarship to do Medicine curse.

During the last year (Prop. Year),I found some many challenges about studying, many difficult things those were looking like impossible, living without Fun moments, in first days, difficult of money managements; IDAI phenomenon which damaged a lot of things, studying instruments, spiritual attack and so many things. But with, in first priority, Doctors for Mozambique foundation, I got good results because of a lot of recovered situations: having delicious lunch, supplements tablets, extra subsidy and good information to make good life in general. Also with our studying group all things went well, good contributions of ideas and good understanding of each other; not only, but also students of other levels in DFM, and it has shown good intellect in DFM so that we can use it as example to do the same with others.

Now, I fell myself very confident in this group that anyhow I will have help if there is necessity and conditions. I also need to be good doctor, not only for treating patients, but also for recognizing the ethic aspects. Although medicine is difficult study, I expect to finish it without problems. I think and I hope that it is going to happen, if we keep on united.

I am very thankful to this united group, so that the foundation may add more people to turn our group growing, spreading and getting more funds to maintain the group, financing secure and good managements. I am very glad for all of this. I felt extremely/wonderfully happy and I hope that we are going to do even better.