Arone Leonardo Fabião Letter for DFM (Doctors for Mozambique)

My name is Arone Leonardo Fabião, I was born in Inhambane (Nova-Mambone), son of Leonardo Fabião and Cacilda Jeremias Massingue, I’m 19 years hold. First of all I to say that I’m so happy because I passed the propaedeutic year the “selection year-in 2019” it means that I’m able and I have capabilities to do this course. I passed but during that year I faced many difficulties because of methods of learning which is used in this faculty but anyway I was able to insert myself on this way… And another thing which affected seriously my process of learning was the cyclone IDAE which damaged and destroyed many things as infrastructure, houses, shops, hospitals including our faculty but despite of everything, in few days the faculty was able to create the minimums conditions to keep us studying although with some difficulties obviously.
But even with difficulties it was possible to be done, I passed and I’m so happy because of this and now “2020” I’m doing my first year of medicine. I overcame the difficulties thanks to DFM that helped me in almost everything that I needed in that year even in alimentation or financially what affected positively on my studies, on my life in general. And the objective is to reach the last year and maybe a specialty.
I hope that I Will do it and I believe that I Will be able to do it because I’m studding in good faculty which is some of the best in Mozambique and is internationally recognized by her good quality of learning, innovation And professionalism with the best lectures, good professional Doctors with a lot of experience.

And finally I thank God for everything that He has made for me… I believe that I Will be a good Doctor Who Will be able to work anywhere with anyone, I hope that. And thanks for everything that you have done for me. My greetings.