I am Basilio
This is my short report related to my progress during 2023 to 2024 the period that I finished my 5th year of medicine and I started doing my 6th the last year of medicine although the fifth year was very interest , I learnt a lot to manager many situation and I gain experience related to daily medical staff. Now I’m doing the sixth year, and it is going very well.  I’m so happy on the way that is going many things I’m learning. From now I want to thank again and again the doctor for Mozambique by the support that they are giving to us to continue making our dream true.   




Greetings to all who has the opportunity to read this short report related to my progress in 2022 the period that I was doing my 5th year of medicine the  stage  that was focused  to apply all the skills learned during the 1stto 4th year of medicine and to gain many experience of daily medical life in hospital. in beginning 5th year wasn’t easy  I face many difficult to adopt hospital life , but I tried on what was possible , that’s why I’m  here trying to make you know how things are going from here now ,we are just finishing our last  exams, after we will start with 6th  the last year of medicine . Before I take many and expensive time for you I wanna thank you for visiting, and read my short letter.

                        Basilio P J Muchanga




My greetings to all who have the opportunity to read this short report related to my progress in 2021 the period that I was doing my 4th year of medicine. From now I will  do the 5th year of medicine. This is the new stage to apply all the skills learned during the 1st to 4th year of medicine and to gain many experiences of daily medical life in hospital.
As I said  about COVID 19 at the last time when I was talking about my  progress of 2020 the year that I did my 3rd year of medicine, the same disaster affected at the same way our lessons during 2021, but with the introduction of vaccination system the situation changed  to be less than 2020 . Because of Covid19 we lost many skills and time but to minimize  we tried to adopt to both old method and online lessons  but our network and lack of electronic material made it difficult  too but we tried what was possible until now .

Finally I would like to congratulate DFM for the award and all recently graduated. This is something to be proud of and this is a sign of great and hard work.
                                                                                                                                     Basilio P J Muchanga




I am Basilio Paulo Janissone Muchanga, I am one of doctor for Mozambique student since 2017.  Now I am doing 4th year of medicine at UCM.  In this letter I will try to summarize  how my third year was done during 2020 to the beginning  of 2021. Well, the year 2020 was a year of disaster. As you know it was the year that the pandemic covid was declared. Because of this it very much influenced the socioeconomic life in the whole world. I mean it affected everything. If I am talking about only my studies, it affected the continuity of lessons (many interruptions) and it made changes in  the method of study prioritizing much more online studies which was not good  because of lack of electronic material and unsecure network to support this modality. But at that moment we started to face it  like the new reality.  But it was not  easy  because covid terrified human life and this led to a great difficulty to articulate  all the problems made by covid, but we tried what we could and got through. Without delay I want to take the opportunity to thank Doctors for Mozambique for the support given during the year and I send my greetings to all members of DFM without forgetting the couple Dr Harrie and  Dra Gitta



I am Basilio Paulo Janissone Muchanga, now I am doing 3rd year of medicine. First of all I would like to greet all of you who have the opportunity to read this letter. Secondly I would like to take the same opportunity to summarize”, all actions” taken up during 2019, the year that I did my 2nd year of medicine and it is the same year in which Beira city here in Mozambique has been damaged by cyclone IDAI. In the beginning, everything was good before 14th of March, but on that day, everything changed to the worse for all Beirenses and this hindered progress enormously. But I want to believe that every episodes of 2019 helped me and others to understand some concepts like solidarity and get experience of many things linked with our social life. My second year was very interesting because I learned a lot of basics principals in the preclinical phase and it helps me to understand how and which attitude to take to be a good professional in health area and it increased my courage to face any obstacles in my student career. However, I thank God who protected me during and after those episodes and who made me belonging to this huge family DFM that helps in different ways. That is why I should thank all DFM and APESMO members for the help given…


First my greetings goes to all members of DFM without forgetting Drs Gitta with her husband Harry.

I am Basilio Paulo Janissone Muchanga, I am so happy for 2017 because that was the year that I started to be a part of DFM foundation and I did my propedeutic year. Second I would like to thank DFM foundation for your help because I had many experiences and I took a lot of advantages to learn English because now I am better than before. Without forgetting DFM students also, because I can say that the propaedeutic wasn’t easy because without someone who had experience helping me or giving me directions I could not do. When I started to do propedeutic I had many problems such as familiarization with university, to adapt me to the method that is used here, but with help of others DFM students I passed. Now I am starting to do the 1st year of medicine and I still need your help until the end of story.


My name is Basilio Paulo Jassissone Muchanga. I am 19 years old. I was born in 1998 on February 15 at Espungabera, Mussorize district, province of Manica. My parents are born in Mussorize district and still alive. I am from Manica district. At this moment I am living in Beira, Inhamudima neighborhood. I began school in 2005 at the primary school in Mussorize. In 2012 I was transferred to Joaquim Alberto Chissano secondary school where I did grade 8 till 10. After that I transferred to Teresa Amuli Nhalingue secondary school where I finished grade 11 and 12 in 2016. I am a teenager without conditions who has a dream of doing the medical course. I this moment I am doing Propaedeutic year with the help of Doctors for Mozambique Foundation. This organization is very important to me because it gives me the opportunity to study