Good  afternoon donors my name is Bill Francisco Bernardo Aleixo

First thank God, my family and all  DFM members for the support they are giving me

I am a student who is in the transition from year 5 to year 6. I say this because I have pending exams.

My academic year was marked by many social and academic difficulties mainly caused of the pandemic, but I didn’t limit myself by looking at the difficulties,  I  looked to the possible solutions to overcome. Thanks to God little by little I am able to overcome all the difficulties

Finally God bless all DFM members that provide you with much love, peace, and protect you from the corona virus


First of all I would like to thank God and each one of you who is dedicated to helping a Mozambican-African child that you do not know. I Bill  Aleixo, I am very grateful for your act of kindness

Now I would like to tell you a little about my course as a medical student. Last year I was doing the fourth year of medicine saying that it was not an easy year but I really liked it because it was a year that I could learn a lot about medicine and I managed to pass the year, despite many difficulties as academic and social  and I also gained a lot of experience as a medical student because we had the partial internship where we were in contact with the patient.

This year I’m going to do the fifth year. I’m very happy because of this because the year of the full internship has arrived, where I will have a lot of time with the patients and I hope to do my best for the health of my patients and I also wish my medical knowledge to improve. Goodbye and thanks to all of you


Hello I am Bill, student of the fourth year of medical school.

First of all I would like to greet the whole foundation, including all those who directly or indirectly supported the foundation  and once again I want to thank you for your support and confidence in me.  Sincerely speaking I lack words to express my sense of gratification towards you

Then I’ll tell you a little about my past year that was a year of much struggle, war and overcoming. I did my best pass and stay with some knowledge. In the first half of last year I had many problems of how to get orientated because the content approach in the first and second year are different from the third year. In the third year we talked about diseases and treatment but thank God I was able to give my best and I was successful

So now I’m doing my fourth year that is not easy. I know I’m growing and things tend to be heavier. The thing that motivated me is to follow a sentence: se corer por gosto ja anima, imagina por  amor . . .-( if you run for pleasure is sweet, imagine for love. . . ) By this I mean that I do medicine for love, so I’m going to do my best to honor God and Doctors for Mozambique for the opportunity given to me.

I finally came to the end of my letter. I thank you for all that DfM did for me and for what you will do for me.


Dear donor, I will never be tired to say thanks. Your gesture is too wonderful that makes me not finding words. However last year I was attending the second year and now I am attending the third year.

In second year was a little complicated but I learn very much and I passed within time I am still happy because off that. It was a year we were introduced at a clinical stage to prepare for the third year.

We had one modulo where we trained at the hospital and the activities there were: consultations pre- natal, maternity and extended vaccination programs. I enjoyed all sections but the section which impressed me was maternity where I attended three deliveries and I must say it is very wonderful to help life come into this world.

In all departments the part which motioned me most was to help people and watch how happy people were who I could help by any intervention or by medicines. It is incredible, some people approach me and they were saying thanks. That’s very gratifying.

Now I am doing the third year. The beginning is very hard and the subjects too much to study in little time. I hope I will manage.

Thanks for everything dear donor. God bless you and your family, and I hope one day to say thanks for all of you personally. To finalize I send my hug to doctor Gitta because the job that she doing here is not easy and I see that she is always fighting to do the best for me. She like our mother.


Dear donor. My name is Bill. First I want to say thanks to God for giving you a good heart that helps people who don’t know. And I say I am every so grateful to you to give me that opportunity to do medicine. I hope one day to getting to know you for saying  thanks and to know your names for not calling you dear donor but call you for your own names. God bless you and your family. ‏


2015-Bill 2015 copyI am Bill Francisco. I am 19 years old. I am born in Gondola district. I did my grade 12 in Caia district, there where I was chosen to compete for a scholarship and I was the one who was selected in 2014. I am still very happy because I see that my dreams became reality to be a doctor and now in 2015 I AM doing first year. I am enjoying it because I am student of medicine, different from the last year in the propedeutic year. I was a medical student candidate. To finish I want to say thank you to the sponsor. Sorry because the inglês is not good and God bless you for this act of generosity



My name is Bill Francisco Bernardo Aleixo. I was born on 5th April 1996 in Gondola, Manica Province. I have three brothers and I am the oldest of them all. I am also the only son who is already studying in a university. I did my primary and secondary level in Caia District, in Murraça, where I got the opportunity of applying for a scholarship. I am very happy just because of getting the help that you give me. My family could not afford the costs of university. Just to end, I need to say that since I started studying, medicine was and had been my dream. I also thank you and all those who help me and others doing what we want according to our dreams while we have no conditions. I am now starting my course with year zero called Ano Propedeutico and I believe that I will finish it in seven years.


Bill Francisco Bernardo Aleixo

Best wishes