Hi! my name is Blessingui Tomas Simbine, student of second year of medicine. Firstly, I want to greet all members of DFM foundation and to thank you for the help that you give us.

Studies are going bit by bit. I started to study first year of medicine last year, but because of pandemic, I finished this year, 2021. After that, I started the second year at the middle of the first semester of the year and I have done the exam of the first block, but I’m still waiting for the result.

I had serious difficulties during the first year, in apart because of pandemic, but also because of my particularly conditions. At the beginning of last year we were studying normally using the method PBL, but we soon changed and started using online lessons. It demanded electronic objects (computer and cellphone), not only, but also megabytes. At the same period, beginning of quarantine, I have been stolen computer and cellphone; it affected negatively my studies, because I hadn’t ways to read and to participate in tutorials sections. In the same year I had serious problems of my eyes, especially when we were preparing to do examinations of blocks. The association of these two situations (lack of Electronics Medea and problems of eyes), was a troublesome thing that I had not ever seen, because I did some exams before finishing reading. Sometimes I didn’t finish my exam because of lack of vision. It was very difficult to pass with these conditions, but I did my best, finally I passed “os fins justifica os meios“.

I am grateful to all of you, especially to Dr. Gitta, for the attention that you give us especially during this pandemic period.





First, I would like to thank God for all that he has done and that he is still doing in my life.
He blessed me by giving this opportunity and I always receive blessings to perform my dreams. Now I am in the first year of medicine. Last year I was in propaedeutic year, it was very difficult to forecast (preview) about the results in first days but by effort and because of my life be under control by God, I passed.
I learned many things in propaedeutic year, not only situations related with science, but also situations related with life, for example, there were many students of different provinces, different religions, different cultures and with different behavior. It means it was very important to me to know how to lead with each of them.

Manica province (Mossurize) BlessinguiTomásSimbine