Letter 2023

I am Cacilda Fabiao Temanhe , a first year  student, and I would like to thank DFM for all the support it has given me since last year. Last year was a year of many experiences and a lot of adaptation. At the beginning it ever seemed complicated but in the end I got into the rhythm and managed to pass the year.

Being away from home was one of things I had to spend a lot of time adapting to , but the brothers I met at DFM were kind and welcoming they taught me the basics living together how to study and everything else and now I am struggling to adapt to the new PBI method, it is been a little tricky as usual, but I am trying hard and doing what I can. In fact the experience is good , I believe in my strength and desire to study medicine, without more words, thank you very much.


I’m Cacilda Fabião Temanhe, I was born in 29.05.2004, and I’m 18 years old. I come from Chibabava district (Sofala). I’m in propaedeutic year. I live with my mother and my four brothers. I studied in Mangunde secondary school by “social action of ESMBAMA” help. I’m very happy and I want to thank Doctors for Mozambique for all that it did and is still doing to me so that I can do Medicine course.

In the beginning I would like to say that I’m getting new experiences of faculty and as first facing, its going well. I hope I’ll be fine and I’ll continue being who I always am and study hardly to succeed without a lot of difficulties. The most important point I would also like to mention is about “study group”, it is being helpful to me.

Cacilda Fabião Temanhe

Beira, 24/06/2022