Greetings to the entire DFM family , I hope you are in good health.

My name is Celestina António Esmael born December 16, 2001 in Canxixe district of Marríngue province of Sofala.

The fourth academic year, which began last year and continues in 2024, is a year of many challenges, from the first block to the last block that will end in March, because this is what pathology is studied first and second. It’s the year that has almost all the blocks in English since I have a little difficulty but thank God I managed to adapt and pass all the blocks of the first semester successfully and I only went to the recurrence in one block (4.4), now we are at the end of the second semester, specifically in the last block of the year (4.7) and we still do not have results from the other blocks we took exams, despite being at the end of the 2023 academic year we still have 2 practical exams (that’s called OSCE) to take in the period we will be waiting for the people in the fifth year finish their internship.

Finally, I thank God and DFM for this opportunity.





Greetings to all the DFM family, I hope you are in good health.

My name is Celestina António Esmael born December 16, 2001 in Canxixe, Marríngue district, Sofala province.

The third academic year was difficult, because it was the first year to deal with the pathology, which was a new thing for me that made it very difficult to understand at the beginning and the different forms of study that implied reading many bibliographies, since in the first and in the second year we only study the normal appearance of an individual. Despite the difficulties, I managed to adapt and understand the subject. I successfully passed the first semester despite having made two recurrences (3.2 and 3.4), the second semester was atypical in the block (3.6) because we had to go on vacation in the middle of a block after the third week and come back to finish with the last three weeks and that kind of relaxed us since we were in the middle of the final festivities of the year and at home, which made it difficult to read, and this semester I also passed successfully and repeated the blocks (3.5 and 3.6). Now I find myself in the first block of the fourth year.

Finally, I thank God and DFM for this opportunity.







Greetings to all DFM family, I hope that everyone is fine in God’s grace!

My name is Celestina António Esmael, I was born in 16 December 2001, in Canxixe – Marringue district – Sofala province; Mozambican nationality.

The second year of medicine was almost fine despite of difficulties that I faced such as on-line lessons in block 2.2. I wrote recurrence exam only of 2.2 block. So successfully I passed to the third year and I wrote already the firs exam of 3.1 block but the results are not available yet; actually we are studying the second block (3.2). The contents of third is different of past years so it being difficult to adapt and get ways to its methods.

Finally, I want to thank all DFM members, especially Doctors Harry and Gitta.



Greetings to the whole family at DFM, I hope you all are in good healt. I’m feeling well thanks to God.

Name: Celestina António Esmael, daughter of António Esmael Bacar and Laquista Pita, Mozambican nationality, born in Canxixe, Marringue district, Sofala province, born on December 16, 2001.

The first year of medicine was very complicated, because of the situation we are facing so far. The measures that were implemented in the college made it very difficult for me to learn, specifically the method of online classes.

This method didn’t give me success because I didn’t have the necessary resources to access the online classes, such as megabits and the phone I used didn’t allow me to do much.

For the reading process, I had a lot of difficulties because at first we girls had two computers, and sharing was very complicated, as we all had the same tasks and needed to study at the same time, with two computers it was impossible. The situation got worse at the end of the first year because we had one of the computers stolen, and now we only have one computer.

I’m thankful to God that even with these difficulties I managed to successfully pass the first year.

Now I find myself in the second block of the second year, so far everything is fine, although the lack and some materials to aid reading.

am Celestina António Esmael, António Esmael Bacar and Laquista Pita´s daughther, I was born in Sofala province, Marringué district, in 16/12/2001.

In 2019, I was doing Prop.year, I got good experience about it, although I faced with a lot of difficulties. In first semester, things were too difficult because of introduction of news methods which were different with secondary ones, but during the learning I was adapting slowly, also the IDAI natural disaster affected too much in learning but All Mighty God I passed.

In second and last semester, I applied a total power because there was a lot of subjects, accumulated materials because of shortness of semester. But finally I passed all difficulties and I passed in normal exams and all things in general were well.