I’m Daniel Dinis Chitinda Da Cruz general medicine student, 6 year old.

 First, thank God for life and protection.  It should be noted that I have been part of this beautiful family since 2016, characterized by a spirit of love and friendship.

The year 2022 was a year of blessings and gratitude, since it was the year that I started the final phase of the course, from this beginning until now I have learned a little more about the therapeutic approach.  I had several opportunities in extracurricular training courses, among which are: “The Challenge of Stigma in Mental Health”- promoted by the University Minho (Portugal) in connection with the Mozambican Ministry of Health; I participated in the “research on the use of methods based on theory and evidence in raising awareness among young people and adults for the prevention of STIs and HIV” – promoted by the rectory of the UCM, I participated in the training of “pre-graduate in Pediatric Surgery”. As seen, it was a year of much learning!

 In addition to the positive aspects, I experienced the saddest moment of my life, it was when my grandmother (the one who considered her and played the role of my mother) got sick and was hospitalized for 3 months, to be honest, that affected a lot in every sphere of my life.  And as if waiting, she arrived after losing her life at the beginning of the year (I will never forget this sad moment).

We are currently in the final stage of the course, where we are learning hospital administrative aspects. We learned how to use the GT Clinic system (consulting electronically), a unique and important experience in my future professional life.

Once again, I want to thank God and my family for their support during the difficult and happy moments of my life, as well as thank Doctores for Mozambique and their collaborators, who have always trusted in me from the beginning for the support and care they always give me. passing day. I especially salute Dr Gitta, my hero! I hope the next one will be as a doctor (laughs).

hugs and hugs



My name is Daniel da Cruz, finalist student of medicine (6th year) .

Firstly I would like to address my warm greetings to Dfm, specially to Dra Gitta and Dr Harry,  for the positive energy they give to us every time.

My last academic year that has just finished, was characterized by many difficulties,  mainly Covid-19, that influenced negativity in our normal life routine. Furthermore, it just showed us that we can copy with any kind of situation.

Academically it was a bit difficult for me because of being first exposition to hospital environment and being so it was not that easy to get by to new timetables and ways of studying. But thanks to the help of the elder brothers of the group I managed to overcome this difficulty.

Thanks to Lord the course is going well and currently we are in transitional phase from 5th to 6th and last year.

I would like to ask you to keep on supporting me and other Dfm siblings.

Thank you for your unconditional help and support. I promise to be as  much involved in helping those in need as you do to us.

 My greetings to you all.


My name is Daniel Dinis Chitinda da Cruz, student in transition phase from 4th to 5th year of medicine.

First of all I would like to thank Doctors for Mozambique foundation for the support , care and help that they have been giving to me and I would like to send my greetings to the central direction of DfM.

The year of 2020 was marked with plenty of challenges, among them, social issues and the main one is the situation of Covid-19 all over the world which influenced negatively in our studies, process of teaching  and learning and development in other issues of life. Thanks to our effort and divine wish, fortunately we are overcoming the problems creating adaptations to new “normal “. Academically,  although the satisfactory outcomes, the assimilation of the contents were not the same as in the previous years, this because of new ways of teaching through internet and lack of practice but , I am fighting to overcome.

I would like to thank once again DfM for the support,  power and  encouragement.


Firstly I would like to thank you because of what you have done for me, believing in me and my colleagues, my dream is being true.

As you should know, this is the fifth year of my course (including the zero year) and are missing three years (including 2020) to finish my course. I have faced many difficulties but fortunately I overcame them, I mean difficulties at school, at home and in my family environment.

The last two years have been amazing. I have been learning the mean part of the Medicine, I mean , all about diseases (from the causes until the treatment and complications).

According to my senior colleagues the fourth years is big challenge but I think I will work hard in order to succeed at the end of the year as they did. In three years I have to finish my course.

Finally I want to thank you once again, please keep on helping me, I won’t disappoint you, I promise.

Daniel Da Cruz Best regards


I hope that this will be a new year of wonderful things, success and bless in my academic life, putting in a lot of power and confidence to this big battle. I believe that everything will happen in a better way and I hope for a good and positive productivity as far it’s concerned to academic results. I thank you all DFM Family for the effort you have been giving to me in this battle to become a medical doctor and help many people.
My propaedeutic year was a year of a lot of academic experience that motivated me to keep going forward and turn my dream true.


I, Daniel Dinis Chitinda da Cruz, am medical studant at UCM. I was born 1 September 1998 in Buzi as the son of Dinis Manuel Chitinda da Cruz and Luisa Joaqium.  My mother has died and I am from a poor family who lives from family agriculture. My mother divorced my father when she was pregnant of me. My grandparents of fathers side decided that my mother had to return to the house of her parents and there I was born. I grew up without knowing my father. My mother had to move to town to find domestic work. Live was good until in 2010 when my mother died and my conditions changed drastically. My father turned up to know me. I did 8th and 9th class with great difficulties because I had to walk many kilometers to the secondary school of Barada. When my father saw that I had a difficult life he took me to Chimoio to continue my studies at the secondary school 16 de Junho but also there it was difficult for me. In 2014 I returned to Barada to my maternal family who had to move me near school where I had to support myself in doing all kinds of small handwork. I was happy to finish secondary school there. I got the opportunity to be pre-selected for a scholarship and I was selected. I have 7 brothers, 2 from mothers side and 5 from fathers side. I live with my grandparents from mothers side. My father lives in Chimoio with another wife and he is doing domestic work. I am very happy for the opportunity “Doctors for Mozambique Foundation” is giving me to make my dream come true in becoming a doctor who can guaranty a good health for Mozambicans especially in my beautiful province of Sofala.