I am Doca Marida Muchanga, Marida Muchanga`s and Lúcia Jacinta`s daughter. I was born in Manica province, Mossurise district, at 14/04/2001.

In last year, 2019, I was doing Prop.Year; particularly, it was challenger year, a lot of difficult situations, conquers and powerful to reach good results. The IDAI phenomenon affected a lot, it was too difficult to have good studying, there was no Energy for night learning, I lost a lot of materials for different needs. Not only because of IDAI, but also to adapt in some different learning methods. But finally the results were good, I was able to pass in normal exams.

In the beginning of this year, 2020, I was trying to adapt in new methods of studying, while these difficulties, the expectations are always being tried to be reached.