I hope you are all well. Greeting to you all. I am well thank God.

Name: Doca Marida Muchanga, daughter of Marida Tendane Muchanga and Lúcia Jacinta Muiambo, Mozambican, born in Mossurize, Manica province, born on April 14, 2001.

I’m taking a medical course, currently in the second block of the second year.

I come through this, to report my journey in the first year of medical school.

The first year for me was a very atypical year, first because of this pandemic we are experiencing (covid 19). In academic life I faced many difficulties. Because of the pandemic, the faculty adopted the online system to continue with the classes. Being at home, and I couldn’t participate in all classes, because of internet costs (megabits). Also the reading process for me was very difficult, the phone I was using didn’t have a lot of storage space, I couldn’t have big books on the phone to read. Two months ago I was robbed, and my phone was stolen from me.

We girls were sharing two computers, that was already difficult, and now we are left with a single computer, as we suffered theft of one of the computers it is even more difficult.

Last year, in August, my uncle, who took care of me in Maputo, lost his life, and that greatly affected my studies.

But even with all these difficulties I managed to successfully pass the first year. I’m so grateful to God for that, and I’m also so grateful to all of you for giving me this opportunity.

                                                                                                                                      Beira on June 25, 2021



I am Doca Marida Muchanga, Marida Muchanga`s and Lúcia Jacinta`s daughter. I was born in Manica province, Mossurise district, at 14/04/2001.

In last year, 2019, I was doing Prop.Year; particularly, it was challenger year, a lot of difficult situations, conquers and powerful to reach good results. The IDAI phenomenon affected a lot, it was too difficult to have good studying, there was no Energy for night learning, I lost a lot of materials for different needs. Not only because of IDAI, but also to adapt in some different learning methods. But finally the results were good, I was able to pass in normal exams.

In the beginning of this year, 2020, I was trying to adapt in new methods of studying, while these difficulties, the expectations are always being tried to be reached.