I hope that you are fine.

I am feeling happy to be part of Doctors for Mozambique group.

I am in clinical stage since 2019, second semester (August). But because of covid 19 we had several interruptions of clinical stage. 

Now I’m at the last year and I’m so happy. Initially I had difficulties but now I feel at home.

So I thanks Doctors for Mozambique association for your support during the years. The special attention is for Dra Gitta and Dr Harry… thanks for your patience.

                             Elisa Domingos Jairaze 


I hope you are fine.
I feel that I’m the oldest in Doctors for Mozambique group and our family is growing.

I have been doing my course (medical course) at UCM since 2013, the zero year. During years of my course I had much difficulties so I think that the medical course is hard. But slowly I am doing and now I’m in second semester of 5th year.

I’m happy because last year I was successful in terms of studies. I began 5th in second semester of 2019. It was a new experience in Central Hospital of Beira…to interact directly with patients. It’s a good experience because the doctors have been doing this daily.

I and my family we say thanks for your help Doctors for Mozambique foundation. You do so much for keeping me in your program as scholarship student.

Elisa Domingos Jairaze


I am feeling very happy because 2017 was nice for me and successful and l did not have difficulties in terms of studies because I was repeating the third year

Sometimes, once per week, l saw patients at the clinical university, l had the opportunity to get experiences in diseases, physiopathology, clinical failures, how to diagnoses and treat the diseases. Now I am in the 4th year of medical course.
At home l had difficulties of money, that is why l asked Doctors for Mozambique to continue to give subsidy to all students.
So thanks for your help Doctors for Mozambique foundation, you do so much.


Elisa Jairaze


I feel that I am old in this group and our family is growing. I thank you most kindly for this.
2016 was not the best year for me. I was doing third year of  medical course but I had much difficulties to past, so I will repeat the same year.
I wish force to Doctors for Mozambique and we (students) also will give our force. Thanks you keeping me in your program as scholarship student. Elisa


Hello Dra Gitta!

I hope you are fine and the travel was good! Is `nt?

I am also very well and the days are going very quicly.

The year is begin, so i have much energy to study that i was keped during a holiday. So now I will use it enougth.

The end of last year was very down to me becouse I had to do the second exam…strong. I thing this new year wont be the same.
Now iam giving a force to Doctors for Mozambique foundation to continue help us, and other better studants who dont have  a possibility to a medical cours.

Here Iam doing the same: give a force the new students.



2015-Elisa 2015 copyHello

I am Elisa Jairaze, student of medical course, second year at UCM.

I began in 2013 until now. So I am grateful for your help. Always our group of student of Doctors for Mozambique is ready to help one to another…is very good to see this type of thing.

I did the first year but it was difficult. Then I passed with small marks. Now I am waiting to improve myself.

Thanks for Doctors For Mozambique Foundation and continue to give the force, energy and more interesting things.



I am Elisa Domingos Jairaze. Beira is my place of birth, on 04/05/1993.

I lived with my parents and 4 brothers in Buzi. Three of them go to school and one did a course of teacher.

I started my studies in 2001 and finished secondary level in 2012- Barada secondary school. On the end of 2012 I got the information that I can get in Dfm organization! It was very emotional for me because it was the only possibility to study.

The first year at the university was difficult to organize myself. Many people informed me that this course is very difficult. But people may say everything they want, but I passed the propedeutic year. Now I am in the first year of medical course.


I am Elisa Domingos Jairaze, I am 19 years old, I came from Buzi. I did grade 12th in Barada Secondary School in 2012. I have two Brothers and two sisters and all of them are study.

My family are in Buzi. When I go there I live with my father, my uncle and my brothers. My mother live alone

My father work as teacher at the primary School. He haven’t a possibility to get all of his sons in the university, but we study and secondary level.

My family and my friends every time have told me to continue to study. Now the DFM help me to continue

Elisa Domingos Jairaze