Dear DfM Members and Collaborators!

The time has been passing quickly, things had been changing, some getting better and others becoming worse but fortunately things had been reaching the better side for me.

Before I tell you many things, I want to tell you proudly that I finished my Course Successfully, very successfully. As you probably know in 2013 I started Medicine Course (which needs Seven Years at UCM) and I fairly finished at the end of 2019 without failing any exam/test during the entire course since the beginning.

In 2013 I was doing the Year Zero (which is called Propedeutico at UCM), the subjects were almost the same compared to Secondary Subjects (Chemistry, Biology, Math’s, Physics, and others) joined with some subjects which were basically Medicine Introduction.  Actually everything was easy in my point of view although many people failed.

In 2014-2015, I learned the Human Anatomy and Physiology, Embryology, Biochemistry and many other things such as: Common diseases (Malaria, Diabetes, Hypertension), Vaccines, etc.

In 2016-2017 I learned Diseases (Everything) and I started seeing patients, it was great.

In the two last Years (2018-2019) I spent most of my time in Beira Central Hospital, the job was getting harder and harder but wonderful. Now I am a Doctor (General Practitioner) and I am waiting the Exame da Ordem dos Medicos.

I think Dra Birgitta and Dr Harry had been telling you how the things are hard here (Housing, food prices, Faculty, etc), fortunately I succeeded. I think  we were about 179 students we started the course in 2013, unfortunately from that group we were only 9 at the end of the course and I am the only one who did not fail any exam during the entire Course. Now it is easy to understand how it was hard but nothing is impossible, especially when we put GOD on the first place.

Finally I want to thank you very much. I hope I will see each of you one day. I also want to thank the couple that visited us, Mr./Mrs Frank and Couby. We are missing you Mrs Paulina (I hope you will be for my graduation Period (June 2020).

Best Regards.

Eugenio Simango.


Once again as usual, I would like to tell you succinctly about my course (Medicine) which I have been doing at UCM as you obviously know. Honestly, as I have said once, medicine is hard but it is a wonder, I am lovely doing it.

I began the year zero in 2013, almost everything was like what I saw when I was doing secondary school with exception of some new subjects such as Bioethics and Introduction of medicine and, some new issues of Biology, Chemistry and Physics that we learned. This phase was difficult according to what I was thinking when I was doing it but when I did the first year, I discovered that the year zero was easier than the first (Easy as a pie).

In 2014 I started the first year, everything was amazing, I was studying the Anatomy and Physiology of the human body, Biochemistry, Histology, Embryology, Microbiology and many other things. The second year was almost the same except some diseases that we introduced such as Stroke, Diabetes and Hypertension. We had to learn about Malaria in the first year as it is very common here according to the epidemiology (But many other infectious diseases are common here like HIV/AIDS and TB). At the same time we were having many skills and lectures.

In 2016 I was doing the third year, from that moment, things were more complex, I had to study diseases including the Definition, risk factors/epidemiology, classification, causes, diagnose (clinical history and clinical features, physical examination and laboratory/additional exams), treatment; complications and prognosis. The 4th year was almost the same but we studied different diseases. From third year on we were in contact with patients from our University clinic and a health center named Sao Lucas which also belongs to our faculty.

This year I am doing 5th year, I have almost nothing special to tell you, I am in the Central Hospital of Beira. Maybe next year when I get experienced with the hospital I will have much to tell you.

I tried to summarize as I could, unfortunately it is difficult to tell you everything.

Have a new year….Best wishes, Eugenio Simango


I hope that everyone is well and strong enough to fight against all difficulties which will be faced in 2017. I am well and I believe that with your help and God’s help plus my dedication, I am strong enough to fight against Medicine this year and forever.

Maybe I can tell you once again that I started my course in 2013 when I did year zero and as it is logically understandable, I am now doing the 4th year. Each year Medicine is being nicer and nicer, I mean that I am enjoying it very much. Last year I was doing 3th year, we were studying many different things, specially things related to diseases, I mean, its concept or definition, epidemiology, causes, physiopathology, clinical features, diagnosis (clinical history and physical examination including additional exams), treatment (pharmacologic and non-pharmacological) and the prognosis of each disease. As you can imagine it was not easy but it was very good and fortunately possible to understand.

One of the things which I liked very much was working with patients at the Clinic of the faculty and sometimes in the central hospital of Beira. I remember that in the last block we were dealing with patients who were mentally ill. It was very good to study mental disorders (examples: Depression, Schizophrenia and other psychosis, Bipolar Disorders, Mania) but it was very hard to work with the patients in the first days. We had to do a clinical history and mental state examination and try to diagnose and think of the treatment. Fortunately we succeeded.

We also had an activity about family and community health in which we used to go to educate the population in order of avoiding some risk factors that can lead to some diseases or for those who already have chronic diseases like Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, HIV, TB and others. We educate them and we tell them the different ways of getting better and live happy.

Last year was as good as the previous years, I passed all exams without failing any of them, so I am still very happy and proud.

I tried to summarize what we did last year, I know that many things are missing but I believe that I told you the most important. These year the activities will be similar including many other things. Just to finish I want once again thank you for your huge help, Thank you. Below are some expressions in different languages but all of them mean thank you:

Obrigado. Thank you. Garanhi Muripo. Kani Mambo. Gracias. Koshukurro, Merci. Mwaitabassa.


Eugenio Simango


Final Relatory of the year

How is everyone there? Here everything is fine. I have already finished my 2015 School year and it was very good because I succeeded during the entire year. I faced some difficulties during the year some of which were eyes problem and I went to a Hospital and I was told to buy glasses to correct the problem. It happened at the beginning of the second semester. I fortunately passed all the exams although i faced eyes problems.

I was at home with my family and it rained a lot. We prepared hoes to sow Maize, cassava, beans, Watermelon seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Pineaple, Pawpaw and many other things that we grow. I mean, December and January are the months of working hard in order to produce food which can be eaten during the entire year. Something which i like in this period is the weather, and I also like because during November, December and the first half of January we have a lot of mangoes which we can eat without paying any money.

The following marks are the goals wich I got during the year. All of them are marks which were gotten out of twenty. Some are named blocks, others named progresso, OSCE or Medical Skills and Family Health:

Block 2.1 13.73
Block 2.2 13.37
Block 2.3 16.67
Block 2.4 16.95
Block 2.5 16
Block 2.6 14.5
Block 2.7 11
Block 2.8 17
Progresso 1 14.91
Progresso 2 15.58
Progresso 3 13.64
Progresso 4 12.91
Family Health 17.74


Maybe to clarify something, Block 2.1 means that it is the first Block exam of the Second year of Medicine. Just because Medicine is done during seven years including the first year which is called Year Zero, meaning the second year  at the faculty is called first year.

Next I will be doing the Fourth Year of the Faculty but the third year of Medicine. I think I will keep on doing well until the last year of Medicine which is called Sixth Year. I do not have a lot of things to write but I can just say that Medicine is very good, iam now able of diagnosing some diseases and I have been doing it since the end of the last year. My family is very happy because I have been succeedind since the first year I started grade 1 in 2001 and I have never failed any exam until now. Thank you a lot, it is very difficult to describe how my family and I are happy because of the help you are giving me.


Eugenio Simango



2015-Eugénio 2015 copyHello Doctors for Mozambique members! The first thing I want to tell you is about my health and how I passed my December holidays, meaning that I am very well and I really passed my holidays well together with my family at home. My parents and other family members were very happy and they were asking many questions wondering to know the way how my course is going. I told them that my course was going well the past two years and they liked it and they told me that I have to keep on studying as I was doing in order to finish the course in seven years and not more.

Now I am telling you how my last year passed. It was very well and I passed. Here are my grades: 18.7, 18.35, 19.19, 15.87  15.11  11.23  and 14.94. These are the marks which I had for each Block, there are seven blocks. Family and Community Health : 16. I am sorry because there are missing some for exams called Progresso, which I only remember three of them but I prefer to send you as soon as I get all of them.

At the end just say that what I need is to pass this year as I did the two last years.

Best wishes!



My name is Eugenio Paulo Simango, I am from Buzi district, I am now studying in the first year of medicine course, meaning that I finished year zero called Propedeutic, last year. First I need to tell you a little about my biography. I was born on 16th October 1993, what means that I am almost 21 years old, my parents are both peasant (they live just by agriculture, small farms made just for eating). I started studying in 2001 and I finished my primary level in 2007. So after I had to apply for the secondary school and my parents couldn`t afford it. I had to work in the school farm during all holidays and studying without paying at school. In this way I studied until finishing my secondary level with very good marks, in 2012, and I was selected as a candidate to apply for scholarship in Nazaré and I was selected. So I started studying at UCM in 2013. I tried to summarize my biography, I did not tell everything but I tried to say the main things.

As I said before, I started studying last year at UCM, it was very difficult to live in Beira. First of all, I had no family in Beira and I had no house and neither a friend who could help me looking for a house. I was taken by a priest who lives in Inhamizua where I lived during the first three months. It was difficult to study at UCM living in Inhamizua because it is very far away, but I tried, I had no time of going to the library, but I did well at school. After I found a house in Inhamudima where I am still living, I studied and I passed with good marks. I was one of the best students, just not wanting to say the best.

Nothing more to add, I need to thank you and all those who are helping Doctors for Mozambique and me in particular, just to say that I am very happy, someone poor like me studying in a university, I am not able to describe how happy I am by words. Thank you a lot, God bless us.


Beira, Moçambique

23 February 2013

My name is Eugenio Paulo Simango, I was born in Buzi district on 16th October 1993. I started studying in 2001 and I finished my best level in 2012, called 12th grade. When I was studying my dream was to be a doctor, so I studied very hard and I did not fail any grade. It is my vocation to be a doctor because I want to help people. I was born in a very poor family, but with help of many people I studied until finish 12th grade, so I hope you will help me as how I can study and finish my course in time. My parents are peasants, they have no job, my father has four wives and he has sixteen children, my mother has nine children, I am the second born, my mother is my father’s first wife, my elder brother is studying in grade twelve, he stayed two years without studying because of lack of conditions. A help of people is what is building my life. Here in Mozambique we have few doctors, so if I study I will increase the numbers of doctors in Mozambique, increasing in the same time a help of other people who are still suffering like me. Thank you by helping me and I hope I will study as hard as possible and I will help other people.

Eugenio Paulo Simango