Greetings to all members of the Doctors for Mozambique foundation

I am Eva Alberto Guidione, born in Chimoio, Daughter of Alberto Guidione and Flora António. I have 5 maternal brothers and 10 paternal brothers, my father had 6 wives, currently there are 3.

My mother passed away when I was 6 years old in 2012, I stayed with my maternal sisters, they didn’t work, they had to stop studying to take care of me, we lived in precarious situations, we were taken in by a Catholic orphan center, “ Santo António”, the center paid for school supplies, clothes, food and I lived in the center, that was when I was in third grade until fifth grade, in fifth grade my father decided to look for me, I didn’t know I had a father, because my mother had told me that he died (because he refused the pregnancy), but I ended up getting used to him, we don’t have much conversation. He took me to live with my aunt in 2016, she ended up passing away in 2017, he took me I moved to live with my paternal brother in Mossurize, I did seventh grade there at the 1st and 2nd grade primary school in Goi-goi headquarters. I attended eighth grade in Dombe at Divina Providência secondary school in Dombe, I lived at our boarding school. Madam Queen of the World, my father paid for my stay there, from 2019 onwards my father started to get sick and was unable to pay for my studies because I had to take care of his health, I started doing small businesses within the boarding school to support my studies, I received help but it didn’t cover everything, it was under these conditions that I managed to finish twelfth grade in 2022, thank God, my performance at school was very good.

In 2023 I was unable to graduate due to lack of conditions; The scholarship opportunity came to me, I embraced it and managed to admit, I want to make this opportunity worth it.

I want to thank the Doctors for Mozambique foundation and the APESMO association for the opportunity they gave me.