I am here once again. My name is Felisberto Mainato Chuca, now I am 29 years old. I am a medical student. I started to study medicine in 2014, when I was 22. I am from Gorongosa district, Sofala province. Now I am in the sixth year of medicine course. I am currently a sixth year medical intern at Hospital Central da Beira. I started the internship in 2019, in the fifth year and due to the outbreak of the Covid pandemic we were forced to interrupt the internship for five months.

Right now, I find myself doing the third rotation of sixth year. I gained a lot of experience living with patients over these two years, although there are still many difficulties in the internship field, especially in these moments when we find ourselves fighting against covid. Here in Mozambique, we are already under the third wave of covid and we are doing everything to prevent ourselves.

I want to take this opportunity to express heartfelt thanks to the members of Doctors for Mozambique Foundation, and especially to our donors for this incredible work that you have done in your daily life to make my dreams come true.

Without furthermore, I would like to express my warmest greetings to all DFM members in the Netherlands.


A big hug!!!

Hello!!! We are together once again.

My name is Felisberto Mainato Chuca. I am from Gorongosa district. I am Doctors for Mozambique Foundation member. I am studying medicine at UCM since 2014. I am doing it with DFM scholarship. During the last year I was doing the 5º year of my course. From 2014 to 2019 I learned many things about medicine, and specially, about life, things that can transform lives. I learned things that I used to understand that medicine is not a profession, it is an art.

In 2019, I started to be in training at Hospital Central da Beira (Beira Central Hospital) in four departments: gynecology, pediatrics, internal medicine and surgery. My traineeship during the past year started very well, but it changed after IDAI cyclone. It became very difficult, many rooms of all departments were destroyed, and were full of water in other rooms. The hospital was functioning without electric energy, and during 3 months I survived without electric energy and clean water for domestic use. I used to drink water acquired from pit. During many weeks, the path to faculty and hospital were blocked by water and trees.

During post IDAI period it was very difficult to study. This hard way of life was forgotten when I was with my patients.

In this year I will do the last year of my course, but I must do internal medicine of 5º year because I was sick during the rotation and I did not do the examination of this block. I hope that God keeps the best for me in this year. But I will work hard to reach my goals.

To finish, I want to thank the DFM members in Holland and the donors that are working hard every days to provide means for me to continue studying.




By means of this letter we are together once again…

My name is Felisberto Mainato Chuca, I’m from Gorongosa district. I’m in this foundation as member beneficiary since 2014. As you can see, we are together from a long date.

In this letter I won’t talk about my family because I have done it all years. In this letter I want talk about my experience that I acquired during this long walk as a medical student and as beneficiary of the scholarship from Doctors for Mozambique Foundation.

While during the first year and the second year the focus is a normal anatomy and physiology (including genetics, biochemistry, histology and a bit of pharmacology), during the third year of medicine the focus is on diseases studying which include the epidemiology, pathology, pathophysiology, clinic presentation, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment (pharmacology).

In the past year, I learned about many diseases which are included in seven blocks of studying. I continued learning about many physical examinations, laboratory analyzing and bioethics. Besides theoretic lessons, I have had clinical practice once a week since past year, where I attend patients doing anamneses, physical examination, suggesting diagnosis and treatment. It had been a good experience because I put into practice my knowledges. During this practice sessions I have been assisted by a doctor as a supervisor.

In this year (2018) I am doing fourth year of medicine course and I am enjoying it. Now, besides practice in University clinic, I have clinical practice in health center called Centro de saúde Sao Lucas and in an orphanage. In these two cases I have supervision assistance.

During others years (except this year), we (in DfM) had some meetings with aunt Léonie where we learned about good manners in social life or in relationship with our friends and our future patients. I liked so much these lessen because it will help me to construct good behaviors when I am with my friends, family, colleagues (as student or as doctor) and especially with my present and future patients. Léonie is a Dutch woman that lived in Beira for 12 years (since 2005) and went to Holland in November past year. We like so much her.

Without nothing more to say, I want to make use of this opportunity to send my greetings to all members of Doctors for Mozambique Foundation and our donors.


Felisberto M. Chuca



My name is Felisberto Mainato Chuca, I am 25.

As I have told, I am from Gorrongosa Sofala province. I want to thank the Doctors for Mozambique’s team, for helping me from 2014 onwards, because Ik now that it isn’t easy to do that.

Therefore, I feel that I’m improving, since the preparatory year to the 3rd year of medicine course. In preparatory year I was prepared to start studying medicine, I learnt many things bound to the medicine course. I studied many subjects like math, English, Portuguese, physics, biology, chemistry, informatics, ethics, bioethics and introducing medicine. The three last subjects were very interesting and important because I learnt more about human life and the aims of studying medicine.

During the first year of medicine course I studied Human anatomy and physiology, giving attentions to the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, urinary system, digestive system, nervous system and molecular cell biology. I learnt to make physics examinations of many body system, including the abdomen, cardiovascular system, neurological examinations…

In 2nd year of medicine course I continue to studying anatomy and physiology but I studied also embryology. Beautifully I studied infantile and maternal health. I had a traineeship for three weeks at hospital about infantile and maternal health. It was wonderful and interesting; it was my first time to have interactions with patients. Therefore, I learnt many, new and good thing during this traineeship. Also I studied the ageing physiology and the diseases that can affect this phase of the life such as diabetes mellitus, arterial hypertension osteoporosis…

This year I am doing the 3rd year of medicine- the clinical phase. Now I am studying the first block about dyspnea and thoracic pain (diseases relactioned with this symptoms). It is not easy. It is very different when it is compared with the two first years. Now I study, for each disease, the cause, epidemiology, physiopathology, the clinics manifestation, diagnostics, the prognostics and the treatment.

But it is wonderful to study medicine and I like it because it is the only one way to help people, at hospital, who are suffering.

I send my thanks to all DfM’s team.


My name is Felisberto Chuca. I’m a beneficiary of the scholarship of Doctors for Mozambique foundation since 2014. I’m doing the second year of medicine course. As the rule is at this faculty, I started to study with preparatory year to do the first year of my course in 2015. At the beginning of last year it was difficult to study medicine, but I started to adapt myself and I became to get  fun in the course. Now I’m enjoying doing this course. My dream is to help people suffering with diseases and, to study pathological medical. But my great dream is to be an investigatory doctor to study more about diseases and their cures. In this case, i will try to find cure and explanation for many diseases that now are unknown. While I am waiting for the opportunity to do that, I have plans to help other doctors to treat the patients with love, one day.
I’m Mozambican. I was born 23rd, jully 1992 in Gorongosa district, in Sofala province. As I have told, my father died in 1993 and my mother in 2008. I don’t have uncles neither ants. I have two sisters elders than me, one sister and one brother younger than me. Now my family are the members of Doctors for Mozambique, and I am happy doing this course together with my friends that are also beneficiaries of the same scholarship.
My last words are to give thanks for the donors and everyone that is working to maintain our foundation alive. Thank you very much.

Felisberto Mainato Chuca


Dear Doctors for Mozambique foundation

2015-Felisberto 2015 copyMy name is Felisberto Mainato Chuca. I am 23 years old. I was born on 23th july 1992. I am from Gorongosa, one of the districts of Sofala province. I got into Doctors for Mozambique foundation at the beginning of the last year after some exams controlled by the directive board of the foundation, represented by dra Gitta. I started my studies at UCM in faculty of health sciences in February  2014, at preparatory year, as is recommended by the faculty politics for whom wants to study medicine.

I started the first semester and at the end of it in June), I did three exams which I failed one of them, but I passed this exam when I did it the second time. During the second semester, when I got many experience to study at this university my studies started going very well and being very funny, at end of the year, I did many exams and I passed all of them without problems. In December I went to visit my family members in my district. I was there during three weeks.

I am very happy to be a medical student at this university.

Now I am studying medicine. I started it on 26th January. It is going well.

Before going at the end of this my letter, I want to say thanks for all people of Doctors of Mozambique because you are the heart of my studies, which means that I would not do this course without your power. I send with this letter greetings for our donors who are working everywhere to help us.


Without nothing to along, let me to say with all my heart, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 Felisberto Mainato Chuca

 The future doctor


My name is Felisberto Mainato Chuca. I am 21 years old. I was born
in Gorongosa, 23rd july in 1992. We are born 9 sons of my parents, but
now 5 are alive. At this moment I have 1 brother and 3 sisters. My
father died on February in 1993 when I was 1 year. From that moment
the life for my family was not easy because it was difficult for a
woman to support a family in that moment of hunger, but my mother did
the possible to support us. I started to study in 2002. In 2008, when I
was doing grade 7, on April, my mother died. She was sick. Because I
have no uncles or an older brother to support my studies I was forced
to change the place of residence (from Inchope to Gorongosa). In
Gorongosa I lived with my sister when I was doing grade 7. I did the
secondary school with many sacrifice living with teachers, paying with
many domestics jobs.
My dream from many years ago was to be a doctors one day, but now,
with DOCTORS FOR MOZAMBIQUE my dream can be reality. Now, I am in
preparatory year of the course of medicine in “Universidade Católica de
Mocambique” (UCM).
With nothing more to say, I wish all the best for “Doctors for
Mozambique foundation”.

With greetings of