My name is Felix Antonio Majuta, from Sofala province, Buzi district, and administrative post of Estaquinha.

I’m 27 years old, student of sixth year of general medicine course. Currently I’m doing a rural internship and I’m doing well. I am only missing two exams: primary care and intern medicine exam.

I’m grateful for the opportunity and trust that DFM gave me, a special thanks to Dra Gitta.

 25.06. 2022


Iam FelixAntonioMajuta,studentof6thyearmedicineclass.Ihavesuceedin
5thyear,andIam nowinthethirdweekofthefirstrotationofthe6thyearand
Iam verygratefulforthetrustandattentionthatyouhavebeengivingme,in



My name is Felix Antonio Majuta, son of Antonio Majuta e Helena Mangore. I come from Estaquinha, Sofala province. I was born on 25th of June 1995.

Last year I was in the 4th year of medicine course and during that year I faced many difficulties, my mother was sick, she was in hospital during 1 month and she needed many things which some of these I couldn’t give her and I didn’t have many ways to help her. It disturbed badly my process of learning. Another thing which affected seriously my study was cyclone IDAI which damaged many things including my faculty. I spend a few weeks suffering because there wasn’t electricity even food, but it didn’t persist for a very long time because I had people who helped me in many aspects as food, money and other things and who did this was DfM. This Foundation contributed positively  during that time and I was able to overcome those problems although with some difficulties. Because of this I failed 3 exams but I studied hard and I was able to pass all the re-tests. In spite of many problems there were many things I liked  especially block 4.5 talking about surgery, overcoming gastrointestinal diseases.

This year 2020 I am doing my 5th year which started 10th of February with my first

rotation in pediatrics . Now I am facing many problems as materials and method of studying. But I am sure that I will overcome this. Finally I want to thank all members of DfM for everything they have done for me and the trust they put in me.


I am Felix Majuta, third year student of Medicine.

Firstly I would like to greet everyone from Doctors for Mozambique and all who are direct or indirectly involved. I am well and I passed my holidays/vacations very well with my family, everyone is well except my mother who is ill.

I thank you very much because of everything that you have been doing for me since 2015 and I hope that you will continue trusting me so that I can reach all my goals including my dream of saving people lives wherever I will work. It is important to mention that I passed the second year with a lot of success and I had difficulties but I overcame them. Some blocks were very nice specially 2.6 in which I went to a health center where I learned many things which belong to our health system such as:

  • PAV (Programa Alargada de Vacinacao)-where I had the opportunity of vaccinating children
  • CPN (Consultas Pre-Natais)-where I learned many things such as the main laboratory exams needed for a pregnant women, Leopold maneuver and many other things.
  • Maternity–where I learned how to cut umbilical cord, I saw baby deliveries, etc…

It was very nice to have an internship in the health center. This year I am in the third year, everything is hard but I promise that I will work as hard as possible. I am already doing pathologies but in the previous years I was studying anatomy and physiology, now everything is different but I will succeed.

Greetings to everyone

Felix Majuta



Firstly, to greet all members of DOCTORS FOR MOZAMBIQUE in particular Dr. Birgita who is the coordinator of the Foundation.

My name is Felix Antonio Majuta, 21 years old, from Estaquinha-Buzi, Sofala province, I’m well from health. I’m fellow of Doctors for Mozambique and now I find myself in the Faculties of Health Sciences doing the second year of the course of Medicine.

I was doing the first year of my course in the Last year (2016) and I got to pass some progress exams and all blocks in the normal exam except 1.2 that I passed in the recurrence exame. It was a very interesting year, I learned: metabolism, Anatomy of the gastrointestinal tract and its physiology in 1.2 and antibiotics in block 1.6, I had many difficulties and so far in the blocks in English.
To finalize, my holidays were excellent and I managed to visit all my families in this little town and in Manica.

Félix António Majuta

January, 06, 2017


Greeting to all members of the association.

My name is Félix Antonio Majuta, I live in Estaquinha locate, Buzi district, Sofala province. My holidays were good because I passed all exams. I did in the last year in the grace of Jesus Christ and with the help of my all colleagues and the power of studying that this association has giving me. I hope to pass all exams of this year without any difficulty and with the knowledge that I can have during my studies be of help to the society in general and to the students that can need my help. God blesses all of you “DOCTOR FOR MOZAMBIQUE”.God loves all of you and me too.


My name is Felix Antonio Majuta. I live in Estaquinha Buzi District, Sofala Province. I am 19 years old. My parents names are: Antonio Majuta and Helena Mangola.

I have got five brothers and one sister, meaning that we were born seven from the same parents.

All my brothers and sister are still studying. The 1st born’s name is Alberto Antonio Majuta and he is studying at an institute being trained to be a teacher. I am the second born and I am studying at UCM starting Medicine in 2015 and I hope I will finish it in seven years. The third born has the same age with me because we were born twins, his name is Andre Antonio Majuta, he is studying at Estaquinha Secondary School doing 11th grade. The next were also born twins and their names are Arminda Antonio Majuta and Timoteo Antonio Majuta. Arminda is studying at the same school as Andre and she is doing 10th grade. Timoteo is also at the same school doing 9th grade. The next is Jorge Antonio Majuta, he is studying at the same school doing 9th grade. The last born is Cardoso Antonio Majuta and he is at the same school doing 5th grade. I only mentioned the children born from my mother because my father has five wives who I know of and others that he had or still has I don’t know, so about the number of children who belong to my father I really don’t know.

My father was working at Buzi Company and he doesn’t work anymore.

I finished 12th grade in 2014 at Estaquinha Secondary School. I was one of the good students so I was selected to participate at the selection in Nazare on 23th January 2015, and fortunately I was selected, I mean that I got a scholarship to study medicine at UCM.

Without anything to add, just thank to Doctors for Mozambique Foundation by the help you are giving me. I am happy and all my family members are happy because it is unbelievable that I am studying at UCM doing medicine which was my dream during my entirely last life.



Greetings for everyone

·         Felix Antonio Majuta