Thank You Letter to DFM

I’m Fernando jaime chipindulo, a finalist student of the general medicine course, I’d like to thank DFM, especially Dr Gitta and Dr.Hanry for the opportunity of having welcomed me to be part of this wonderful group, after allowing me to fulfill my dreams .  In fact, there were very difficult days from the propaedeutic year to the current phase, they were days of a lot of rain, sun, wind, cold, but even so, I never deviated from my path, because my main objective was to study science doctors and be able to help other people who are unable to study, just like they do with me.  I’m grateful, I’m happy for opportunities like these usually don’t exist in our country.  I am currently finishing my medical degree, thanks to the joint efforts of myself, my colleagues and the Doctor for Mozambique foundation.

It should be noted that I am in my penultimate 6-year stable rotation, and I promise to do my best, as always, so that this year I become a Doctor, to be able to help my community to improve their life habits and to believe that it is really possible to have a doctor in our country but everything depends on our effort, dedication and a lot of motivation to fight and win

The 2023 school year has been wonderful, for now I don’t have any divisions regarding a given subject, so I will continue to fight until the end. Finally, I would like to thank DFM for the opportunity and motivation, in particular Dr Gitta, to say that she is doing her best not to be able to disappoint you and with God helpless I will be able to fulfill my dream.




I’m Fernando Jaime, general medicine intern (in transition to the sixth year)

First of all, I would like to address greetings to all Doctors for Mozambique members, particularly to Doctor Gitta and Doctor Harrie that have been proportionated the better for me and for my colleagues here in Mozambique.

Then, about my academic life, I am in the clinical phase (internship). At this moment I have already done all the rotations of the fifth year and with satisfactory results. I am waiting to do internal medicine and pediatrics exams, and I guarantee to be in the sixth year this current year. From now on, I am enjoying the new routine and the way of learning and reconciling theory with practice, although it has been a bit of a difficult battle but it is possible if it is done. After having the ability to face any eventuality that is within my reach, whether at an economic, social and academic level, I have the feeling of that I can finish the course and being a Dr, in order to help other people because the wish is bigger and huge. I will continue to study hard to make my dreams come true, which is to be a doctor, with the help of Doctor for Mozambique and my colleagues…

Finally, I would like to thank Doctors for Mozambique, for trusting me, and to continue with your work of helping people in need in Mozambique. After having opportunities like these it deserves to be considered as priorities in our lives. I hope that in the future we can have more members and more doctors formed by the Foundation.

Thanks DfM


I am Fernando, a 5th-year student of General Medicine at UCM, through this letter I would like first of all to address a greeting to all collaborators, Doctor for Mozambique (DFM) donors and all those who help us directly and indirectly .

In general, in the form of a retrospective of the year 2020/2021, to say that I went through many difficulties with regard to the family, social and academic level, but even so I doubled my efforts in order to adapt to the new form of social coexistence and the new teaching modality (online classes), which initially was very difficult for me, due to the lack of a compatible device to access the digital teaching platforms, but I was quite committed to the point of being able to learn and pass the assessment modules accordingly. with the requirements and rules of the institution (UCM). In general, at the beginning of the pandemic, it was a very shocking scenario in terms of the learning difficulties, but I gradually adapted thanks to God and the funding of DFM, everything went without a hitch.

For the year 2021/2022, I will be in a phase of new learning, that is, the clinical internship at the Central Hospital of Beira, with this I will have some difficulties not only in terms of the modalities of reconciling theory and practice, but also in how to deal with the hospital environment, the strict containment measures of COVID-19, meeting and considering the reality of our environment, but even so I will be prepared to adapt to any gender situation, so that the dream of being a doctor becomes a reality, so I will continue to be dedicated and committed to my professional training.

Finally, I am very grateful to DFM, especially Dr. Guitta for the support she has given me, to say that they continue to be like that for me, my brothers from the foundation and other people who at this moment need an opportunity to study, you give us a lot of strength and trust in times we need it most.

Thanks and Greetings


Hi I am Fernando Jaime Chipindulo, I am medicine student and now in 4th year. First of all I would like to greet all the sponsors and members of DFM. The description that follows is based on 3 main things:
1- Retrospectivity. The year of 2019 was marked by many incidents that provoked a lot of difficulties in the learning in my course especially in the way of perception, place to study, as we suffered from Ciclone Idai that killed many people, destroyed infra- structures including our faculty and houses. This certainly took us into great difficulties, such as lack of classrooms, books and electricity, bur even though, I kept focused and studied with candles and torches during the night and as outcomes, I didn’t fail any block in 3rd year, reflecting  dedication and effort.
2 – Ambitions. For this  4th year, I still have the same ambitions, not failing and plenty of motivations to study and learn and improve my marks. It  will be my duty sharing information and study together with my friends, classmates and brothers of Dfm, so that we can be stronger and together improve our Foundation, Families and our Country.

  1. Thanking. I would like to thank DFM for the desire of helping, keeping on trusting me , all my dfm’s classmates and others that need the same opportunity to became a medical doctor. Not forgetting your help during the Cyclone time Idai, with computers, supplements, extra-subsidy and helping in rebuilding houses we rent. This showed us your feelings and attention to each member of the group in order to make our life better.



First of all, I would like to say that propedeutic year was very positive, as far as it concerns my academic results. I could succeed with very good marks, result of a lot of effort and dedication and confidence in what I want to become.
Although I faced some problems in my studying , fortunate everything was wonderful in the end.
For this year, it won’t be different according to my expectation. I promise I will give my best avoiding disappointing you, despite the change of educational system comparing to last year. Now we are using PBL and it’s a bit complicated for me being my first year. To conclude , I would like to thanks DFM foundation for the trust , you put in me. You are helping me to help my people and consequently my country. It would be great if you could help many others to turn their dream in reality . Thank you


My name is Fernando Jaime Chipindulo, born 5 Februari 1992 Manchanga district, Sofala province, son of Jaime Chipindulo and Luisa Maria Mussadalo. During my studies I was confronted with a lot of difficulties especially when my father died. When I finished 7th class at secondary school Santa Terezinha de Machanga my mother had no money to pay for my school materials and that is why I didn’t go to school for 3 years. After these years my brother took me to continue my studies at the secondary school of Santa Terezinha in Chemba where I finished 12th class. My family doesn’t have conditions to pay for superior education and my dream to be a doctor was very far away. I didn’t fail any class and was considered the best student of the school. Thank God DfM passed my school to look for competent students to do the course of medicine at UCM. I was one of the candidates and during the selection  I showed my capacity of studying and my ability to learn which resulted in this scholarship. Finally I want to thank DfM for the opportunity and help they give me and especially  dra Gitta and dr Mauane for the patience to go all the way to Chemba in search for poor, motivated and intelligent students. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HELP.