Filipe Manuel Chandrungama, medical student. In 2020 I was in 4th year and in this year I may be in 5th year. I hope all the members of DFM are fine. Me and my family also are fine.

Here in Mozambique we are still facing the current worldwide situation of Covid-19 , Unfortunately the number of infected and deaths are increasing and this brings negative influence in academic,  economic and social fields. The year of 2020 was an uncommon and difficult year with big challenges which influenced negatively in the process of teaching and learning due to new methods of learning through internet which is not that good, which is expensive and lacks of dispositive with capacity of accessing internet. Prices of goods rose up also. But I dedicated myself and with the help of DFM and colleagues I managed to finish the academic year successfully in June of 2020. Now I am highly motivated to start my 5th year in hospital which is a new challenge to be overcome.

I would like to thank once again for the support and help of all the members of DFM during this journey and wish you keep on helping us. I would like to send my greetings to you all and my thankfulness.

Beira, aos 25 de Junho de 2021


Hi, I’m Filipe Manuel Chandrungama, student of Medicine, now  in 4rd year (2020). Last year I was in the Third year. It was very good and I hope this year will be as good as last year. Because the year 2019 has been characterized by natural calamities, Cyclone IDAI, it complicated my survival and learning. But I managed and in the end it was a successful year.  With each passing day I am another person because of new knowledge and experiences in the course and in my life with the help of others. The course is making me more responsible and dedicated to my goal of helping others in future. For this year I will do my best to make it happen well and, I am very motivated and putting a lot of  effort to succeed. Greetings to all the members of DFM ( Doctors For Mozambique) foundation. Thanks for everyone’s  help directly or indirectly.

Mozambique-Beira on February 21,2020

Filipe M. Chandrungama


Yours sincerely. As part of the Doctor For Mozambique (DFM), I wish to address myself to all of 2018, we are welcome. I am with all my strength, as much as, enough energy for the current year, be it in health as in learning. I would like to thank DFM for the contribution in finance of my student career in general medicine, in studies for the help and motivation of my colleagues and in the progress of the nucleus, I believe that I have learned the possible of the maximum of the subjects of the first year. For the time being, the studies are ongoing, from the propaedeutic (2016) until the passage from the first year to the second year of general medicine to attend this year. For this year I will try everything possible so that everything happens well and also in the improvement and progression of the assimilation of the material learned and learning. Our greatest value in life is to have the best health and quality. In the end, my thanks to all directly or indirectly participating in the support of my life in general and particularly in my student career. For your attention, I thank all of you above.

Mozambique-Beira on February 14,2018
Filipe M. Chandrungama


I am student of medicine. I started in last year (2016) and it was my propedeutic year in UCM (Católic University of Mozambique) in the health faculty sciences in Beira.

Because of my effort during last year, and with the help of my colleagues I had good outcomes in academic and social sides. I learned a lot and hope will learn more this year being my first year. I´m ready to face all that will come and I promise that once again I am going to pass. I´m thankful for your help, all of you who belong to the Doctors For Mozambique foundation.

Filipe M. Chandrungama


I am Filipe Chandrungama, born on 1 of Januari 1996 in Estaquinha, Buzi district, Sofala province. I am son of Manuel Chandrungama and Rosa Filipe, bachelor.  I have 5 siblings. My parents are famers. From 2014-2010 I did the primary school of Riconde, from 2011-2013 I did 8th and 9th class at secondary school Bispo Henderson in Muxungue and finally from 2014-2015 I did 11th and 12th class in Estaquinha.  Dear donors of “Doctors for Mozabique Foundation” I am very grateful for the information Dra Gitta and Dr. Mauane Manuel brought to various schools about the existence of scholarships for the medical course at UCM meant for students from the district. My motive to compete for this scholarship was the of lack of doctors and appropriate treatments, the hugh distances people have to walk to villages and cities to see a doctor and the  dream I have since my childhood to help my people. I am grateful I was selected for this scholarship because my family doesn’t have conditions to support me in paying the costs of this study. In this way I want to thank you for your collaboration in helping students who do not have conditions to do the course of medicine as well as for the sentiments of the people, for the formation of “Doctors for Mozambique Foundation” and to continue in helping  the ones who are still behind of us. Thank you for your attention. With regards.