Greetings to all members of Doctors For Mozambique.

My name is Florência Gade Francisco, I was born in Chimoio, Manica province at 8, November 2000, Medical student of 4 year.

Describing this academic year it was challenger but good, I didn’t face many problems with the blocks, I hope I’ll pass to the 5 year after doing OSCE exam and recurrences of the block  3.5 and 3.6. Now we are in the block 4.7 which is the last block of the year

In social sphere everything is fine, describing the transition of the year 2023 to 2024 it was good and I started the year with new perspectives and hoping that all things will be fine especially in the new academic year that will start soon, so it will bring new challenges because is a clinical phase so the dynamic will change completely, but I hope to learn a lot during the clinical phase.



My name is Florencia Gade Francisco member of DFM, I was born in 8 November 2000 in Chimoio Manica province.

First describing the last year (3rd )  it was so turbulent because I faced some problems in social life, because I lost my father in May so I had to be strong and I’m overcoming, I tried to do my best I fortunately passed but I’m owing two blocks of 3rd year 3.5 and 3.6 I’ll do those exams in 2nd semester and I’ll study strongly to pass these blocks.

About this year now I’m in 4th year, it’s a little bit challenger in this first times but I’m adapting to the dynamics and demands of the year, so it’s going well and day by day I’m doing the best as I can.

I did exam today and it gone well, so I’m very motivated to continue fighting and I’m confident that I’ll be doctor after two years, so I’m very grateful to DFM for the opportunity to be here.

 My greetings!!!


My name is Florência Gade Francisco, born November 8, 2000, in Chimoio, Manica province.

Academic year 2021 was a good year; I faced some difficulties in academic and social ambit but I managed the difficulties and I passed from 2nd year to 3rd year.

Academically I still have a second chance for the 1st block of 2nd year, but I passed other blocks as well as I passed the year.

Socially; I was sick at the end of the first block of 2nd year, that influenced me academically because I did not do the normal block exam and I just did the second chance as the first exam but I did not pass the block.

Academic year 2022 is being turbulent for me because I lost my father at the end of the 1st block of 3rd year so I did not do the block exam. Such loss is affecting me until now; because of that, I have had difficulties to concentrate in my studies but I hope to manage it.



Greetings I hope you’re all fine, I’m fine.

My name is Florência Gade Francisco, born in Chimoio on November 8, 2000, a second-year medical student. Making a small retrospective of the 1st year, the year was good, although I faced many difficulties in the academic sphere due to the covid-19 pandemic, as the classes became online since I did not have enough efficient material to be able to participate in classes and because it was also my first contact with Medicine. This greatly affected my academic performance as the year was atypical. Thanks to God I was able to join my forces and managed to finish the year successfully.

Currently in the second year, right on the eve of the 2.1 exam, I became ill and could not perform the normal exam and I hope to take a recurrence exam in the same block. Overall block 2.2 and the second year are going well. I extend my cordial greetings to all members of DFM in particular Dr Gitta and Dr Harry.

2020 My experience at UCM was very good last year, I passed from the propaedeutic year to the first year of Medicine. I faced many problems principally during the cyclone Idai, but it doesn’t interfere in my studies. In this year I will give my best to pass and to reach my objectives.

I thank DFM for the help after cyclone Idai because was a terrible moment for me, and DFM helped me a lot with my scholar needs. I thank also because DFM is continuing help me to make my dreams come true, I am proud to be member of this foundation.