Hello doctors for Mozambique, (especially Dra Gitta and Dr. Mauane) are receiving the greetings from Simone Dirico, student of 6th year.

I am very happy to be in my last year of medicine. Last year I gained a lot of experience because I worked directly with patients in Hospital Central da Beira. Also this year will be a year of lots of new experiences. Now I am doing surgery rotation.

I thank doctor for Mozambique Foundation


Hello doctors for Mozambique, (specially Dra Guitta and Dr Mauane) are receiving the greetings from Simone Dirico, student of fourth year.

Inform that third year was different of second year, in what concerns the approach of matter. Really was interesting year, because I studied many diseases that is common in our society, like malaria, HIV, tuberculosis and other diseases. In terms of my experience of study, the year was hard, so I studied hard. I had difficulties in terms of adaptations because of news matter (pathology), but over time I was able to adapt, by changing some methods of study and help from group study (SOMESA). Now I want to believe that I am able to diagnosis some diseases, so that I am very happy. In this year I had one day a week to attend patients in the college clinic, where, I, colleague of the year and doctor diagnosed and treated many diseases. I enjoyed a lot.

I thank the doctors for Mozambique Foundation.


From Simone Dirico, student of 3rd year of medicine UCM.

First of all I want to greet members of doctors for Mozambique, especially Dra Guitta and Mauane.

Secondly, I want to inform you that I spent my second year in medicine, I did not have many difficulties that could prevent me from going to the next year. At the beginning of the year I almost always studied in the library, because I could not get money to make copies, but almost at the end of the same year I adopted the other method, I studied much more in the computer room where I used electronic books. In the second semester I had a three-week internship in a health center. The first week I worked in the maternity ward, where I attended births and did tests for newborns. The second week I worked on the extended vaccination program and the last week in the prenatal consultations. I really enjoyed the internship, because I learned a lot. I managed to spend the second year thanks to the individual study and the SOMESA group.

Finally, I would like to thank the doctors for Mozambique Foundation for the opportunity it offers us to take the medina course at UCM, I would like this opportunity to continue forever.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you.


First I am send my greetings to  all people of foundation of Doctors for Mozambique, especially Dra Gitta Van Der Meeren and Dr Mauane Manuel. Talking about my study. Last year 2015, when I was frequenting the first year of medicine course, I enjoyed it, because I passed without many problems. My studies were divided in two parts: Individual study in tutorial room and library and collective study with SOMESA’s group. In this group we are helping each other until now. By those mechanisms written above I passed the first year to the second. This year I use the same mechanisms as in 2015, and I am liking this year especially the first block That I am doing. My prospective is passing this year to the 3rd year of medicine, and I think I WILL PASS. Generally about course, I am enjoying, and I am acquiring many skills by this course .And finally I want to thank the Doctors for Mozambique Foundation by giving me this opportunity to do medicine in UCM.


2015-Simone 2015 copyMy name is Simone  Francisco Pagara Dirico

Hello, firstly I want to greet all members of Doctors for Mozambique and the foundation.

Talking about my studies, first last year: in the preparatory year, I had excellent marks, so I passed. In first semester some people had some difficulties in some subjects, but with the group which we formed in August 2015 until now, it helped us, because we were helping each other.

In this year my studies started on Monday 26 of the last month,  everything is going very well. I think this will continue the whole year and during all my course of medicine, because I have vocation to be a doctor and help the community in Mozambique because there are few doctors.

Finally I want to thank the Doctor for Mozambique, by offering us this opportunity to do medicine course at Catolic University of Mozambique  (FCS).




I’m Simone Francisco Pagara Dirico, I was born on 06 of June in 1994 in Inhadjidje, Sofala province.

In my family were born four boys and five girls. I’m the third position in my family.

My parents are farmers and in my family I’m the only son that is studying at University. My sisters and brothers are studying in primary schools. I began to study in 2002 in Estaquinha Secundary School. From the first year until year eleven of my studies  I lived far from school and just the last year I lived near the school.

In these years the things that were difficult for me were:  The distance from house to school.

After finishing 12 grade I didn’t have anyone in my family capable to sustain me in University.

But when I finished 12 grade the priest called me to NAZARE, because in Estaquinha I was the best student, to be selected to study medicine in Mozambican Catolic University. The results in NAZARE were good and now I am here.

I thank the Doctors for Mozambique for the work they do in Mozambique in  helping motivated students to be future doctors.