I’m Helena José Machava 1st year medical student. I’m a member of Doctors for Mozambique since last year (2022). My last year experience was good. I had some difficulties at the beginning but by time going I adapted to the big city and university environment. I had a lot of support to my difficulties from the DfM members in my year and those ahead of me . I passed the propaedeutic year without second chances and I learnt a lot. I thank doctors Gitta and Harrie for the support they have been giving me and also DfM direction and the donors I thank you a lot. My family have been supporting me too with motivation to keep doing my best and be the difference in my community as there are not a lot of women who have a degree in an university and a course like these you have supporting me to do. Thank you so much for you all.


My name is Helena Jose Machava. I’m 19 years old. I come from Chibabava district, Sofala province. I’m first born and my farther in total has 10 children (6 of my own mother and 4 of my aunt) and 1 of my uncle; we all live together.

I did primary school in Goonda but initially I was facing a lot of difficulties because I was living far from school. It became easy when my family moved and started living near the school. Since that moment I started liking school. In 2017 I had to go to Mangunde, there is secondary school.

My parents had conditions to support us because they work as farmers and they use to get enough quantity to sell a part of it.

My parents as well as me, hadn’t hoped to make me doing any course but I got it when I heard about DfM’s Foundation. My family put all hope of their children in my hands, that’s why I’ll always try to do my best to get good results.

I’m still trying to put myself in faculty studying methods but I believe that I’ll be fine because of “study-group” that is helpful.

I’m seriously very thankful to DFM’s foundation for all it does. It gives hope in situations where is no; I’ll  do all to make it proud of me because I’ve deposited all I have on it.

Helena José Machava.