I am Joana Sete 21years old now in 4th of nursing coursing at UCM.
This is my bachelors last year indeed; the course is bringing good experience and is being wonder full. That does not mean that everything goes easy, but there are so many difficulties and despite of those difficulties, the lord has given to me the power to a victorious end.

On the other side, we have your aid and that makes us feel motivated and hopeful. We saw your hand at the time after the extremely devastating natural disaster when you helped us recover our losts.

That event had great influence decreasing my school results and I could recover because of DFM.

For us student members of DFM you are present I wish you god is blessing additional power and love and that he gives you all what you need.

My gratefulness to you all who are donating DFM, especially Dr. Gitta



I am Joana Sebastiao Sete, Natural of Mangunde, Chibabava District, Sofala Province. I am one of the beneficiaries of the Doctors for Mozambique Foundation Scholarship and I do a nursing course. I am very happy to be taking this course because it has always been my dream to care for patients suffering from various types of diseases.

One of the things I liked the most in the first year was the internship we had with nursing fundamentals at Beira Central Hospital during which I gained many skills. At first everything seemed difficult, but over time I was able to withstand the difficulties, many of them related to the PBL (Ploblem Based Learning) teaching method.

In this second year I expect more successes and many skills in the medical-surgical and gynecology-obstetrics stages.

Lastly, I would like to thank Dr. Gitta and all DFM donors for the opportunity they have given me, along with my brothers in the association.

God bless you.

Beira, February 2018

Joana Sebastião Sete


My name is Joana Sebastião Sete, born September 1 1998 in Roronga, Chibabava district, Sofala Province. My father is Sebastião Sete, 50 years old and my mother is Ana Fernando, 46. My father has two wives and 14 children of which 7 are going to school.. Primary school I did in Toronga. From that time on my father put me in secondary school São Francisco de Assis in Mangunde. And because we had no conditions to pay for boarding school I had to live in a hut. There were always financial difficulties in payments of school fees, materials, uniforms and very many other things because this all had to be payed from selling products of our little land. It is in this way that I finished secondary school. Now I am in the first class of the superior nursing school with the help of Doctors for Mozambique Foundation. Finally I want to thank DfM for this opportunity. Thanks to dra Birgitta and thanks to Doctors for Mozambique Foundation.