Joao arone
Joao arone


Dear funders, I am João Arone João student of general medicine, fifth year, generation 2017.

  Firstly, to say that I have been in this family since 2017, during which time I have learned many things related to the course and life in general, this is because the Foundation Doctors for Mozambique is not only focused on training doctors, but also, they teach us to be a united family with the same purposes.  Also engaged in training Men for the better of Mozambique in the future, particularly in the health area.  During these years full of challenges, I had several moments, from good ones to many difficulties that, in a way, allowed me to grow as a person and for the better of my future in my professional career, because life is not just made of good moments.  With that, I thank God for the gift of life and my parents for their encouragement;  to my brothers and friends for their support and to the doctor for Mozambique foundation for the opportunity because if it weren’t for her, my life would not be the same.  And finally, I encourage the foundation not to get tired of knocking on doors to acquire funds and to the funders who continue to finance the foundation to guarantee the realization of the dreams of many children who find themselves unable to fulfill their dreams because of financial handicaps. Thank you for everything!


Saving lives is a task in which gratitude is the most valuable salary in it. The dream of those who were benefited from solidarity of others is to repay their gratitude to society, always doing the goodness. In this sense, when the worker’s greatest concern is for the greater good, which is life, there is no barrier can stop that dream. Therefore, day and night, I have been working hard for that goal, which is almost to be reached, becomes a reality. Today I’m in the fifth year of medicine course and the energy in me still lingers as if it were in the beginning. Saving lives is love, it’s sympathy, it’s compassion. Ending, I want to thank Doctors for Mozambique for their tireless assistance.

João Arone João


Being a member of this foundation is one of the best wonders that the nature provided. This group is more than a foundation: it’s a family, it’s love, it’s help, it’s company and that’s all. I feel that, with the immeasurable help that DFM provides, my dream of becoming a doctor is very close to becoming a reality. I’m now in the 4th year of General Medicine. May the foundation continue with this spirit of solidarity with more young Mozambicans with dreams but without possibilities to do what they plan to help their population . I’m João Arone João, member of this foundation since 2017.






Being part of this foundation is a gratifying thing that happened in my academical career. Now, I feel that my dream of being a doctor is certainly near to be concluded, counting with your great help. With each passing day , my feeling of helping other people in term of health is growing very fast.   Thank you Doctors for Mozambique.

Beira, February 2020.

João Arone, 3rd year.


Hello Doctors for Mozambique!

My name is João Arone João, I’m at 2th year of medicine. I entered in this foundation in 2017. I’m very happy and pleased to make part of this great foundation. I had minimal difficulties to pass the last year, because I failed a block (1.5) but I hope that I will solve this in this year. I want to thank all colleagues that helped and are still helping me to solve the doubts that I can find during my formation.