Joao Seda
Joao Seda


Greeting all members of this blessing and amazing association.

My name is João José Seda Veloso, I’m 25 years old, from Beira-Mozambique.

I’m in the last year of the medicine curse. The last year was not easy for me because I was the only One at home who could take care of my mom, my sisters and my father but I was strong to support all that moment and I passed to 5th year with success

This last year of medicine curse is being good but I’m waiting for the last examinations.  

God bless all of you.


Greeting all the members of the foundation

My name is Joao Jose Seda, I am  23 years old

I am the medical student of 5th year and thank God I was not achieved by the coronavirus. During the 5 year, I have passed for a very sad situation but I didn’t tell anyone about what happened.

During the internal medicine rotation my father was prisoned and my psychological condition was not prepared to live that moment because I had to waste my full time trying to solve his situation and unfortunately it was not possible to pass the internal medicine rotation.

So now, I am preparing myself to make the recurrence of the internal medicine rotation and I believe I will pass to start the 6th and the last year of the medicine course.

24 June, 2021



To greet to all members of this association.
My name is João José Seda Veloso, I am 22 years old now, medical student, fifth year;


The last year was a very difficult year because I had to study many new diseases but it was possible to learn all diseases of that year. I had pediatric, surgical, emergency and others difficult blocks. On march we suffered with cyclone IDAI and I had lost many things but thanks God I survived that difficult event.


I had success in all blocks of the last year without any recurrence and I learned many things. Thanks for helping us when we suffered with cyclone IDAI, I am so grateful.


now I’m starting the clinical phase at the Beira central hospital and I hope that this year is a year of another battle and successes.

João José Seda Veloso

February, 07, 2020


Greetings to all members of the association!

My name is João José Seda Veloso, now in the third year of medicine

Last year’s successes (2017): I managed the transition to third year of medicine, without any re-test although some blocks were difficult for me at that level.

I met new Doctors and colleagues who helped me a lot to overcome some difficulties and doubts that I encountered during the blocks.

In addition to the embryological, anatomical and physiological area of ​​the human body, I also had the opportunity to learn about the theology of the Catholic Church which made me understand that life is not made simply of science but also of spirituality so that I see the other as I.

Difficulty: academic: I had some difficulties in the fourth week of block 2.1 due to the death of my beloved brother Manuel José Seda Veloso, but thank God I was able to overcome the pain until the examination room.

On the financial side: As always, financial needs are never unlimited, every time we increase from one level to another, the needs as well. I went through difficult times in block 2.6 which is a 3 week internship block and the faculty of health sciences distributed the students to different health centers in the city of Beira and happily or unfortunately I was a little away from college what I used to spend 32-34mt daily and in the end we had to do reports, print and deliver but at the end of it all I improved in knowledge and experience.

Prospects for the year: Being the New Year and a new level, I have the prospects of mastering the new 7 clinical steps and having successes in all blocks,

Summary: 2017 was a year of much learning and experience and I hope it is even better.


To greet to all members of this association.

My name is João José Seda Veloso

Medical student, Second year “2”.
Because it was a new year in medical school, it was a great battle year, because it was not easy to interfere with the PBL method “PROBLEM BASED LEARNING” because in this method, I have to read and confront ideas with colleagues and the Doctors sometimes.
I had to improve the way or the method to study and to understand the necessary matter in a short period of time what was difficult in the first days.

Some blocks were strange and some abilities such as CADAVER’S DISSECTION which was scary in the early days but I had to take care of the environment that medical school offers.
I was able to find my way in the PBL method, meet new colleagues and doctors who have guided us in the course and finally managed to pass the new year of medical course.
I hope this year is a year of another battle and successes. Seu Veloso, medical student, Second year “2”.



JoãoJosé Seda Veloso

January, 02, 2017


My name is João Jose Seda Veloso, I am from Mozambique, Sofala province, Beira city and Beira district. The last year I was doing the course of medicine in propaedeutic year at MOZAMBIQUE CATOLIC UNIVERSITY “UCM” and it was very productive because I passed all tests I did during the last year and all the exams in the grace of God in the first opportunity. I passed all the tests and exams I did last year because some colleagues and the association of DOCTOR FOR MOZAMBIQUE helped me to do this. Now I am doing the first year of medicine and I hope to do this year successfully. God blesses all the members of the association. God loves all of you and me too.



My name is João José Seda, born on 22 October 1997, son of José Seda Veloso and Teresa Mabor Sipriano.

I live with my parents and 4 brothers. I come from a humble family with few financial conditions.

I began to study in 2003, in Primary School  Monomutapa-Manga, where I finished my primary education in 2009.  I continued in Secondary School Sol of Mozambique, where I studied from 8th to 12th grade.

Last year (2014) I had the opportunity to know about the scholarships that the Doctors for Mozambique Foundation offers. I was one of the preselected of my school and was later selected for a scholarship at medical school of the University Catholic University of Mozambique (UCM).

So I am one of the new members of Doctors for Mozambique Foundation with a full scholarship that compounds:

  • The tuition fees;
  • Monthly Allowance.

So this is my first year to study medicine at the University above mentioned thanks to the goodness of the Doctors for Mozambique Foundation and Partners, which are helping the poor with enough motivation to study.


João José Seda

Beira, March 5, 2015