Hello everybody. My name is Júlio Alfeu Nombora Vilanculo, student from Doctors for Mozambique. Firstly I would like to thank you all for the support from the beginning till now that I am at the end of the course( last year).

This is my last year and i am excited and highly motivated to keep the promise i made in first year  of concluding the course successfully. For now it’s just missing the Last examination of internal medicine . I have  done pediatric, gynecology and surgery. Soon we will be having our rural  internship in Nhamatanda . I am excited to go there and learn more and more.

I had great and crucial  moments during the internship, I had opportunity of being taught by specialists and learn a lot. I hope I will be successful in the remaining , so that graduation might take place This year. Once again I would like to thank all the members of Doctors for Mozambique, including the donors that share what they have with us to allow us to make our dream come true.

Thank you.


Hello ,

I hope you all are fine! I am fine thanks to God.

I am Júlio Alfeu Nombora Vilanculo, currently finalist of 6th year . Happily I managed to succeed and overcome the difficulties I faced, mainly those related to academic and social  issues.  As you know,  now we are having our internship in Central  Hospital of Beira, and due to Covid-19 , many activities were prohibited with a lot of restrictions influencing negatively in our activities in the hospital. Last academic year was very interesting and a learned a lot in pediatrics, internal medicine , surgery gynecology and obstetrics. I am highly motivated to end the course successfully and I did from year 0- 5th.

Nothing of this would be possible if we didn’t have your unconditional help, mainly Doctors for Mozambique foundation and every single donor, particularly Dr Harry and Dra Gitta that have been supporting us. Thank you for all, may Lord bless you abundantly.


Hi, I am Julio A.N. Vilanculo,  medical student, currently in 5th year.
Firstly I’d like to thank God for the blessings and protection, specially all the members of DfM that have been helping and supporting us from the beginning.
Well, last year was a tough year Academically, socially and economically, because of new coronavirus that made us be stuck many times during the year because the faculty had to be closed and during this period we had to keep on with lessons via internet which is expensive and with a lot network problems.  This made us face a lot of problems in the process of teaching and learning. The situation of Covid-19 is getting worse daily but we are taking precautions. Despite the difficulties, thanks to Lord and every support given I succeeded and now I am in 5th year, which means that I will be learning more, getting new experience in hospital with real sick patients. I am glad and excited to start the clinical phase in Beira Central Hospital.
Once again I would like to thank  Dr Harry , Dra Gitta and all the members of DfM for the support to make my dream come true.
Thank you.






Hi, I am Júlio Alfeu Vilanculo, medicine student and now in 4th year. Last year was a challenging and hard year for me, because almost  everything was new and that was the first time studying diseases at all. It was interesting and nice because I could learn many pathologies and  got a bit familiar with hospital environment that will be my work place. I hope this year will be most interesting and that I will learn more. It has been a great opportunity to have the possibility of making my dream come true to help my people later on.
I am highly motivated and hope this year will be a positive year as the previous. I am involved in social program, called PABHODZI (meaning Together) related to HIV & AIDS in which I am the President. This motivates me a lot to study and help my country.
I would like to thank the Doctors for Mozambique Foundation for all you have been doing to support us.


Hi, my name is Júlio Alfeu N.Vilanculo, student of second year of medicine. Last year I was in first year and fortunately I managed to have positive results. I consider last year to be  a productive year academically, I also had several experiences.  The contents were divided in blocks, in total we had 7 : 4 in first semester and 3 in second. The first block was  1.1- introduction to medicine. This was very interesting bock because I could understand better some issues regarding medicine stuff. Semiology is often introduced in this block and we learn how to proceed some physical examinations.  Normally each block has duration of 6 weeks and on Friday of 6th week we do the exam. The second block was 1.2-metabolism, we studied this block in English and the exam also was written in English. We learned a lot about the normal function of the human body, and it made me become very motived and curious to know in details how metabolism occurs. The third block was 1.3-integration and regulation. It was about anatomy and physiology of nervous system. It was interesting and I developed an inquisitive mind concerning medicine issues. The final block of first semester was 1.4-Epidemiology, very interesting branch of medicine.

After this block we had a rest( holidays) and came back after one month. Then we started again with the following block, 1.5, 1.6 e 1.7 . In the middle of the last block, we had an extra exam, OSCE, concerning physical examinations.  In training lessons we were thought  how to perform following the correct sequence of each exam. So in OSCE we had to proof that we succeeded the training lessons. During the year we write 4 exams, called progress exam, which consists of 200 questions and it’s divided in percentages for each year. In first progress exam we just have to answer correctly in minimum 2% of the questions. There is another activity that we perform of health family department, in which each student is given 3 families in the community to take care of and report the situation in each family. I do like so much this activity because I have the opportunity to get experience and responsibility of looking after a family.

I am involved in a social group , working on prevention of HIV/AIDS. I am a voluntary member and we usually travel to districts on holidays to work on it and I love doing that, doing so I can understand better the situation of my country and help developing strategies to control and avoid new cases of HIV/AIDS.

I live with my elder brother who is doing medicine also, he is in 5th year, he helps me a lot in studying.

In this year I am highly motivated and enjoying the first block of second year.

I would like to thank you donors who scarify a lot to help us making our dream come true. I promise that I will keep on studying hard to become a brilliant medical doctor. I hope God bless you.

Julio Alfeu Nombora Vilanculo


My name is Júlio Alfeu Nombora Vilanculo, student of medicine, now  in first year. Last year I was doing propedeutic year and I learned a lot and could be properly prepared to start studying medicine. I had good experiences and I hope I will have many more. I studied hard in cooperation with my colleagues and succeeded with good marks. I promise once again that I do my best to make my dream come true. I am not going to disappoint you. For this year my expectations are stronger than ever. I started with a lot of motivation and believe that this year will be better. I’d like to thank  you for all you have been doing for me.


My name is Júlio Alfeu Nombora Vilanculo. I was born on the 15th of July 1997 in the town of Chimoio, Manica province. I spend all my childhood there till I finished 12 class at the secondary school Samora Moisés Machel. I am from a large and modest family. My parents are from Inhambane province. My father is a fireman and my mother is a housewife. In total we are 7 children, 4 girls and 3 boys. My father always encountered difficulties in supplying us with domestic and school materials and in helping his family in Inhambane. Just one of my 6 siblings is studying higher level . With the help of a scholarship he is lucky to do the medical course at UCM. After finishing 11th class I got the information that after passing several tests it might be possible to do the course of my dream. I was very happy that with the high marks I got and with the help of God I was pre-selected for a selection weekend of the “Doctors for Mozambique Foundation” in order to gain a scholarship to do the course of medicine. I succeeded to be selected and DfM offered me a great opportunity in my life to continue my studies in becoming a doctor, the area I always hoped to be trained in. My interest in medicine started when I was bitten by a cobra in the campsite. I had to be brought to the hospital and there I was impressed by the way and the care the doctors showed to save my live. I left me passionated for this profession to help my people and all who need to have a good health. I want to express my special gratitude to the “Doctors for Mozambique Foundation” for the opportunity and chance they give me to make my dream come true in becoming a good doctor. Thank you very much.