I am Juma Eliseu José Raimundo antónio, 5th year student of the general medicine course, First of all I want that Doctors for Mozambique accepts my cordial greetings, and say that I am very grateful for the opportunity you have given me to make this beautiful course. I’m in the clinical phase, being in the hospital and getting in contact with patients is a magnificent feeling to have. Having the opportunity to reconcile theory with practice, helping people to improve their health status. I’m in an exam period, I’m doing my best to be able to pass to the last year of the course. Without anything else to say, my compliments to Doctor for Mozambique.

Beira, 06/25/2021

Juma Eliseu José Raimundo António


I, Juma Eliseu José Raimundo, I am 22 years old, and now I am a fifth year medical student. I entered college in 2015, and since then Doctor for Mozambique has been supporting me a lot, making my dream of becoming a doctor a reality. I will always be thankful. Last year, my fourth year was a lot of challenges, but I fought and managed to win. I learned a lot, different subjects, but what captivated me the most was having studied leukemia and themes related to emergencies, where we followed the ABCDE rule. It was very interesting. This year of internship, I promise to dedicate myself a lot, always learn and prove to myself that I am able to finish the course successfully. With nothing more to say, cordial greetings to Doctor For Mozambique, thank you very much.


I, Juma Eliseu José Raimundo, born on 21 November 1997, district of Quichanga-Pebane, province of Zambézia, son of Eliseu José Raimundo António and Saiana Rachide Icuata. Like all other times I will not stop thanking this foundation for giving me the opportunity to make my dream come true. Thank you very much. Beginning to describe my academic situation last year, to say that I enjoyed the second year of medicine. The theme that caught my attention and that I loved was about obstetrics, where every detail of this beautiful area moved me. So last year I have finished with successes and good results, and now I am in the third year of the course, saying that it is a little complicated because it is a new approach to pathologies. But as before I am suspicious of adaptation and this time I do not think it will be different. I will fight to make it work. Right now, thank you and cordial greetings.

Beira, 16 February 2018

(Juma Eliseu José Raimundo)


I, Juma Eliseu José Raimundo, born on 21 November 1997, district of Quichanga-Pebane, province of Zambézia, son of Eliseu José Raimundo António and Saiana Rachide Icuata. First of all, thank you to the organization Doctors for Mozambique and all members that directly and indirectly makes it continue to exist, taking stock of the first semester, saying that it was normal, I learned a lot, I was able to pass all exams. In the course of learning I was very moved by the different themes that were addressed and one of the topics I found most interesting was about embryology, knowing how the human being comes is spectacular, the processes or steps that the egg takes to be able to implant is incredible. And all this makes me sure if we exist is for a great blessing. As for the holidays I got to enjoy a lot, I spent with the family and had the opportunity to travel and the trip was very interesting, I met people from cultures different from mine, and it was very good. We started with classes this semester three weeks ago and so far I have had no difficulty. The studies are going well and I hope it continues like this to be able to have good results.

Beira, 26 August 2017

(Juma Eliseu José Raimundo)


I, Juma Eliseu José Raimundo, born on 21 November 1997, district of Quichanga-Pebane, province of Zambézia, son of Eliseu José Raimundo António and Saiana Rachide Icuata. First thank you for being well, and say that being at the Catholic University of Mozambique is to be the best thing that ever happened in my life. Making the balance of the year 2016, saying that it was very good, I could learn a lot and the topic that interested me most was to have studied about cancer of the cervix and molecular bases involved, so it turned out to be wonderful to be learning various topics related to health Human. I am happy to pass all exams with good marks, and throughout the year I will handle obstacles, difficulties but the important thing of all this is to be able to count on the help of doctors for Mozambique colleagues and fight to win. And today I find myself doing 2nd Year Medicine. Initially it was difficult to fit into context but I am adapting and I will continue to do my best to be a good doctor in the future.

Beira, 10 February 2017

(Juma Eliseu José Raimundo)


I Juma Eliseu José Raimundo Antonio, was born of the November 21, 1997, in the province of Zambezia, Quichanga-Pebane District. I came hereby inform the association of DOCTOR FOR MOZAMBIQUE about my situation here at the Catholic University of Mozambique. My first week was very good and interesting. The new method of study PBL is so funny. We have to search information and after that we are going to discuss this in tutorial room. That thing makes me so happy because I like this. So I am so sad because of my health, I have disease even last month until today. I have gone to the doctor. The doctor gave me drugs but doesn’t resolve my problem. And taking that drugs started to cause others diseases. My head is in pain and my body is weak. So the Doctors gave me the drugs because they didn’t understand well my problem. My parents help me in this situation. We have gone to the specialist in Beira Central Hospital (HCB) on 28 of January 2016 and the doctor said to make same exams, now I am waiting to do them. The lesson was very nice, I have disease but I am stronger, I will surpass.

Beira, January, 31, 2016

To Doctor for Mozambique

(Juma Eliseu José Raimundo António)


JumaMy name is  Juma Eliseu José Raimundo Antonio. I was born on November 21 1997.  Place: Quichanga, Pebane District, Zambézia Province. I live with my parents and six siblings. My mother does not work and my father works as a simple employee at a company called Pescamar. He gets a very little salary. I began studying when I was 5 year old, from 2003 to 2009 I did  primary education in Primary School Manga Loforte..  2010-2012 I concluded the basic level in the Secondary School Marocanhe and in that same school My friend Ricardo and I, we were two best students. In 2013-2014 I finished high level in high school Sol of Mozambique and was one of the best students in the school. And in a day Dr. He appeared at our school and started talking about scholarships through DOCTOR FOR MOZAMBIQUE project to study at UCM. I looked at myself and saw that I was not able to make medical school in any college and I immediately thought that this was my opportunity, because from child on medicine was my dream and even since then never changed. I enrolled in school and was one of the selected because it had one of the best grades and went to Nazareth Training Centre in order to be selected and fortunately I won one of the scholarships for Catholic University of Mozambique through the project DOCTOR FOR MOZAMBIQUE, and I am very happy today. My classes started February 16th this year and still things here at the University are going very well: good and beautiful lessons, qualities of Teachers and very strict discipline, a guarantee of being pushed ahead and it is very good for me to learn a lot.. March 3rd, 2015 Juma Eliseu To DOCTOR FOR MOZAMBIQUE