I wish to greet all of you and I hope that God is taking care of you.

As you know I am the member of Doctors for Mozambique Foundation since 2014, and it has been wonderful to learn many things related to general culture, different type of people who are coming from various parts of the world. For sure, undoubtedly I have won many relationships while I was doing this Medicine course. I mean, currently I could travel anywhere, even to The Netherlands. I will find many people who became new members of my family, even though you are not my genetical family.

I am really so happy for your sacrifice, for you charity, mercy, love and others qualities that characterize your foundation. I hope that all of us shall go on to help one another, and I wish you happiness and many blessings forever and ever.


My Greetings to all members of DFM foundation

Dr Gitta

Dr Harry

Dr Mauane

Mozambique, June 2021

Lucas José Matumba


I am very happy for a new opportunity to give you my greetings. I think that you received our information about IDAE which happened in last year. Always I had faith in God that he would bless you for going on to assist us. Clearly we received your solidarity. So, many thanks for every things. Is suppose that I will finish the medicine course in this year and always I will pray for Jesus giving you many blessings. I know that medical doctor is a light of the world, so I need to be it. Thanks


Dear donors of Doctors for Mozambique

In the first place, I want to greet you and I hope that God will go on to bless you forever. I am very happy for all the help that you give us always and I think that we are learning from you that is good to love any person who lives in this world. I believe that our foundation is growing up and it will be in the future.

In the second place, I want to say that Mozambique needs more medicals doctors and with your help we are going to improve these aspects. It is true that I am very motivate to help another Mozambican person in the same area. I am talking about this wish when I finish this course. Now, I want to say that the last year was a good year because I started to learn about many diseases, so it was very interesting.

In the third place, I am asking for you to go on to help us and I agree that one day we shall have our own foundation in Mozambique and the poor situation of health in this country will decrease. So, I say many thanks for you in general and particular our doctors: Gitta , Harry, Mauane ….

My grettings

Lucas Jose Matumba, 4 year

Beira, February of 2018


Hello My greetings

In the first place, I need to say that I am very happy to be healthy that I hope to stay that way. I hope you are the same in the grace of GOD. Also I need to say thanks for the help that you always give to us. We must be aware of your help, because is it a sacrifice to help someone with so little that we own.

In second place, I want to say that I am sure that we are going to change the Mozambique in medicine area. In our country it is necessary to increase the number of medical doctors. The last year, 2016, was a year with many successes. I learned many things in the medicine course and now I am feeling able as a student to go on in learning medicine.

I think that if we walk always with God, all things are possible, as Nelson Mandela said: ‘’It is like impossible until its done’’. With the help I have received from Dra Gitta, Dr Mauane, and many other we a going to be MEDICALS DOCTORS NOT ONLY FOR MOZAMBIQUE, BUT FOR THE HOLE WORLD.

God keeps you today and always……..

Beira, February 2017

 Lucas Jose Matumba



In the first place, I say thanks to God who always is giving you the power to improve this wonderful foundation- Doctors for Mozambique. I know many students who finished grade 12 in many schools of Mozambique without conditions to go on with their studies at this faculty. It is very true that you are helping many people and particularly me, who  comes from the rural areas. It would not be possible to get the money  to do this course. I must not forget that especially in districts, there aren’t sufficient medicals doctors to treat or cure the  problems or diseases that affect the high percent of the total population. My big objective is to do this course and help another brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, in general someone who needs my help in problems that I can resolve.

In the second place, I need to say if you continue with this foundation, you are indirectly helping our families in Mozambique. I hope that God go on to bless for progression. Finally I want to manifest my thanks in particular for Dr. Gitta, Dr. Mauane and Leonie

Lucas Jose Matumba

Beira, February of 2016



2015-Lucas 2015 copyMy greetings for all members of Doctors for Mozambique. In first place I want to thank you for help that you gave me in the past year. This help was of the all members of this organization. For example, my marks improved because of studying hard with the help my group of students offer me. Also Dra. Gitta, Dr. Mauane, Dra. Leoni help us prettily because if they didn´t gave me that help, I wouldn´t pass the propedeutic year. In the second place I  can say  is very important also to thank you, the people who are searching money for our continuation of study. I am very very happy for the work that you are doing. Mozambique is a country which has  few medicals doctors that can help to treat people who are ill. Then my idea is to fight for a healthy Mozambique to improve. I think that the organization is doing a good job for Mozambican persons. At last I can say: Only we can manage to do something like this if  we carry on with the help for one another.



My name is Lucas Jose Matumba. I was born on 9th June 1996. I was born in Massane, Chibabava District, Sofala Province. My father’s name is Jose Lucas Matumba and my mother’s name is Conceicao Fernando.

We were born six from the same mother. Two are girls and we are four boys. I am the third born. I started studying in 2002 and I finished my secondary level at Secondary school of Sao Francisco in Mangunde.

I have had this dream since I was young and still studying: I need to take care and treat sick people.

Finally I need to thank Dra Gitta and Dr Mauane (our responsibles) and all colaborators of Doctors for Mozambique.

Without adding anything, my best wishes……..