It is a pleasure of being part of this family and foundation. With each passing day, my feeling of gratitude for you grows. Your generous attitudes and friendly words and actions make me fell more familiar and strong to continue on this hard way and, this is very important to me. I want to correspond in the best way and be an equally pleasant company for you, in the way of being a good Doctor. It is a great honor to be part of this family.

Beira, February 2020.

Manuel João Jorge , 6th year.


Studying medicine is a sacrifice but at the same time a deep love for others, due to the greater importance that this area has for people’s lives. As Mozambiqie’s Ministry of Health’s motto says: “Our greatest value is life.” So it is the role of our future health professionals to keep this higher value until God withdraws it from us. One proverb says, “We have an obligation to save everything here that is still susceptible of being saved” (Jorge Dias). Therefore, in order for us to have this ability to save our lives, it is imperative to have scientific knowledge and feelings of humanity towards the patients, which has been my great challenge and that positive results are being achieved. My pedagogical marks reflects my progress and my understanding of what I am learning, which makes me happy because I feel that I am being a doctor for every disease I study. My grandfather always said: “Who eats running, the stomach will suffer.” This makes sense to me: The student path is long but, step by step I will reach the goal: “To be a Doctor with scientific knowledge and humanism“. The time passes quickly: yesterday I began in the preparatory year, today in the fourth year and tomorrow, another doctor for Mozambique. My thanks go to you, Doctor for Mozambique for helping me in all areas of my student career, because nothing would be possible for me without your untiring support, because I would not have alternatives to realize my great dream. and that Doctors for Mozambique will continue to help young Mozambicans who are intelligent and motivated, but without the financial means to realize their dreams.

Beira, February 2018

Manuel Joao Jorge


Hello Doctors For Mozambique Foundation members, donors and students. Me , Manuel João Jorge I am very satisfied to be one of many Grant holders of this Foundation. I am growing up not only physically,but also mentally and intelectually. Now I am in third year of Medicine Course and I am very happy to be a Medical Student firstly and specially to be in third year. Other   think that make me very happy and blessed is the power and interest that te DFM has to give us thinks that help us to do this course without more dificults. First, I was given the dictionary English-Portuguese, and in this year I was given Personal Computer and a white coat. I hope that this thinks will improve our pedagogical progresso. Finally , I want to thank all donors , members and myall Doctor for Mozambique Foundation.


Hi Doctors for Mozambique Foundation members and coordinators.

I am Manuel João Jorge, actually student of Second Year of Medicine Course at Catholic University of Mozambique, in Beira, Sofala province. I came this year with a lot of force to do this one more year of my preferred course, meaning that I passed my holidays very well and I passed First Year without any difficulties and with the greatest marks as you can see : block 1.1 (19.5), 1.2 (20), 1.3 (17.78) , 1.4 (19.45), 1.5 (19), 1.6 (19) , 1.7 (17). I am very  happy and I am feeling secure with the help of this foundation doing my preferred course. I hope that this year and the other resting years of my course will run as the past years, with a lot of success, learning a lot of interesting things that form the basic performance for being a future qualified health professional which is my dream. Thanks for everything that you are doing for me.


Hi Doctors for Mozambique Foundation members!

2015-Manuel 2015 copyam Manuel João Jorge. I am 19 years old; I am from Buzi, a district of Sofala province. I am student of first year in Medicine Course at Science of Health Faculty at Catholic University of Mozambique. I started to do this course last year and I am so happy because I passed with the greatest points and without many problems, and I am very and very grateful for being helped with this foundation to do my preferred course -Medicine – because always it was my dream to be a Doctor one day and to take care of sick people. In this year, my expectations are:  to learn a lot of new things, to pass all tests examinations and finally to pass the Year excellently. I am very inspired by those who graduated last year and with all strength I will do the same, that is why I am carrying on. Thanks for solidarity and your trust in me.

Beira,  February 2015

Written by Manuel João Jorge



My name is Manuel João jorge, I was born on December 27 in 1995 in Buzi district-Sofala province. My father’s name is João Jorge and my mother’s name is Maria Marcos. I have 4 brothers and 3 sisters. One of my brothers called Johan is a teacher and another brother called Elias is a policeman. He works in Maputo.

I started to study in 2002 and in 2013 I finished grade 12. When I was graduated in 2013, in November 27, I went to Maputo to participate in sixth Gala of Education, the event that happened on November 28. I was chosen as the best student of Sofala province. In January 24 of 2014 I invited in selection for scholarships from Doctor for Mozambique Foundation, where I was inquired by persons involved in that foundation. My dream was only studying Medicine and being a Doctor in future. With this help of DMF, my dream finally? will be reached because it’s my professional vocation. Now I start to study the propedeutic year of medicine on February 10. For all members of this foundation, I say thanks, thanks, thank you very much.


Written by Manuel João Jorge

The future Doctor for Mozambique]