I am Norman Armando Farias, actually 3rd year student at UCM.

Studying at UCM  it is a unique experience because the way we study and say things (academic and sociocultural) differs so much from those experiences I have passed during my whole life and that what happens at other Mozambican universities.

A good experience, not only in itself but also in the formation of making up a positive character.

I can’t say that my school results are very good and I had expected much more of myself relating to what I have reached. As a result I am obligated to get better marks but this is my problem and in the meanwhile it is a challenge to do my utmost and to work as hard as I can.

Knowing that this year won’t be easy because of the content of study and the speed in which it is presented, I will increase my effort to do whatever I can in the time given to reach my goal to get satisfactory and positive results.

I fight each and every day so that I can be a treasure in knowledge and in the future be a good professional capable in attending the community needs. For this to happen I need the help of all my colleagues and near people.

To achieve this desired outcome I fight continuously with the hope that one morning at sunrise, a new day and a better one starts.

I have to thank you for the great confidence you have put in me and there are no words to describe your help.

Thank you.

Best wishes for a good year to you all.


Feel complimented!

Norman Armando Farias, is the name which my parents given to me. I have been “Doctor For Mozambique” scholarship student since 2016. Right now I am attending the second year of medicine in the Health Science Faculty which is one of the faculties of the Catholic University of Mozambique. Currently I am living in Beira city, where I study.

Having a scholar and academic life has been a good experience for me, learning about ourselves and it awakens the attention in my personal and social life.


In last year (2017) I had many difficulties, it was the most difficulty year since I started to study. I starting doubting about myself and I was looking for an answer but no satisfactory answer came within my reach so I was forced to move on and to learn to deal with it. I wondered if everything that was happening to me was a destiny, a miracle or a tragedy. Maybe time can help me to understand better. Thanks to God I passed to the second year, and in this year (2018)  I started with a strong will in hope of changes for the better, with a focus on positive results. So as long as the sun continues rising I will do my best to reach the expected.
“It´s amazing how anger overcomes fear”. This  sentence belongs to my friend of mine who told me that everything can be possible in this year if I believe in my potential and if I sacrifice.

I am so grateful for everyone who wants to make our dreams come true. I can´t find words to describe that person, Dra. Gitta who has been so kind to us and cares about our well-being. I can only say that they have shown us the real meaning of love to others, and this message I will take with me for the rest of my life. Thank you! God bless you.


Feel greeted!

It has been good to study in UCM. My experience during last year (2016), was very positive, I learned a lot of new and good things as far as it concerned my academic situation. Sometimes it has been a bit tough but thanks to the Lord I’ve been succeeding and I passed the propaedeutic year. Now I’m in the first year of medicine with expectations of success. Each and every day I am giving power to win this battle.

Concerning the academic side, I learned a lot of things trough knowledge of the medical world and I face this life in an ethical manner, giving more emphasis to the following sentence “our most value in life” . I really liked it because of what I learned and I hope to learn plenty of new things. It’s really lovely to study medicine.

My name is Norman Armando Farias, student of 1st year of medicine.


My name is Norman Armando Farias, born in Chiloane, Machanga district in Sofala province. I am the son of Armando Naraire Farias and Olinda Cungiro. I finished primary school in Chiloane where the costs were low. Medium level I did at the school Santa Teresinha do Menino Jesus in Machanga. I was born in 1999. I come from a poor family which has no conditions to support me at the faculty. My parents divorced 15 years ago and both remarried. My father now has two wives and two sons. He is a poor fisherman. I finished 12th class with financial difficulties which are affecting my brothers as well. I came in contact with “Doctors for Mozambique” through dra Gitta and dr Mauane who visited our school when I was in 12th class and they explained about the scholarships. I was pre-selected to come to Nazaré where the final decision took place and I was selected. My future expectations to be a doctor are to help my community and my country in general because there is a lack of doctors and because we lose a lot of human lives. I feel like a nomad because of the separation of my parents.