I’m Patricia Maria Manjate 22 year’s old, nursing student 4th year, I came here to report on how my academic year is going. I successfully passed my 3rd year.

Now I’m in the 4th year. I studied the module 4.1 called Nursing in terminally ill. The module was good, I learned a lot about how to take care of the patients in their terminal phase, in physical, spiritual, psychosocial and cultural aspects, and I also really enjoyed the autopsy skills. I studied module 4.2 called Quality of nursing care 1, in this module I also learned a lot, how to be a good professional in ethical and moral aspects. I learned how to develop a nursing protocol, elaboration of group work on evidence-based practices. The exam of this module I did on Thursday, it was good and I will pass.

In the month of August we will start with the Integral internship which will last 4 months… in the month of November we will go on vacation and on our return we will do the supervision internship. Now I want to thank Doctor for Mozambique for continuously supporting me until now. I am so grateful.

Without anything else to say, my greetings to Doctor for Mozambique.

Beira, 26/06/2021


I Patricia Maria Manjate, 21 years old, doing 3rd of nursing course, I’m feeling so good.

Last was the year of success. I got the opportunity to learn a lot of skills and much more.

Between those skills, I got opportunity to learn a lot of pathologies that affect the world in general and particularly in Mozambique. Such pathologies were obstetric, neonatal, nervous system, gastrointestinal system, urinary system, cardiovascular system and hematopoietic system forum.

I feel satisfied to have learned these pathologies in an holistic way, since I have already acquired skills for intervention, treatment and their due care of the individual who suffers from one of the pathologies.

Being on DFM foundation is helping a lot reaching my dream, that is, from impossible to possible.

Never forgetting that last year our country particularly at Sofala province faced a natural disaster (Cyclone Idai).

This disaster hindered on learning assimilation, survival in this period, but DFM is a foundation that helped us solving certain problems.

I thank the DFM that took on the role of assisting students in need ensuring a bright future in the healthcare field.

Also I’m so grateful to Doctors Gitta and Harry who always help us and for being in the organization of DFM. May God bless this foundation.


Patricia Maria Manjate

Dear donnors of scholarship. I hope you all are fine. It is with great happiness that I come through this letter to thank you for generosity you show to us and for your great help offering us opportunity to make my dream come true.

Last year I was in propedeutic year. I liked it so much although it was a year of challenge for me because of being the first year in university. I could learn a lot of things and managed to face the difficulties thanks to my effort and help of my classmates. One of the things that I most liked was the experiments in chemistry and biology laboratory. In groups we proceeded some experiments and observed several kinds of tissues through microscopy. Last year was a successful year for me and this year won’t be different. I will multiply my effort to have positives results in nursing course that I am doing now. First it was difficult to keep up with the demand of this new course but now I enjoy it and appreciate it a lot. It is very nice and I feel that I can fit in it . As I like helping people taking care of them, I think this will be  an interesting year because we will go to the hospital for some lessons. I would like to thank you all once again for the opportunity you give me to help my people. I promise to do my best to avoid bad results at the end of the year. Keep on helping us , thereafter we also will help others..


My name is Patricia Maria Manjate, 18 year of age, born in Maputo and daughter of Paulo and Elisa. My parents raised me till my 11th when I was in the 6th class. My mother is farmer and my father is a retired nurse. He has 15 children with different wives. 3 are doing fundamental school, 2 basic school and 1 superior school. My eldest sister with whom I live did basic school and she works as veterinarian in agriculture in Novo Mambone. The challenge I confronted was leaving home living with my sister because my father had no conditions to pay school fees for all his children. When I started living with my sister in Mambone I was in 7th class and my sister was paying for me. She has two children and the eldest is going to school. Thank God my student live was always very nice. I had exemptions in the 7th, 10th and 12th class. In the last class I only had to do exam for English, because in the first semester I had good marks, in the second my marks dropped for personal reasons, but I left the bad things behind me and gave all my strength in the third semester and I was able to get exemptions and finished secondary school with a 14. At last I studied hard to get higher marks because I did not want to lose the opportunity of losing a scholarship for the medical course. I believe that with my dedication and with the help of my “brothers” and colleagues I will reach my goal and pass this year. I want to thank Doctors for Mozambique for the opportunity and help they are giving to students; orphans and ones without conditions to pay for university studies. I very much want to become a doctor, a professional in quality because being a doctor is a way to be near people, giving comfort in difficult moments and making them happier, ease or stop pains and hardships. I also want to help develop my country. I am very happy having gained this scholarship and I will give all my strength to overcome difficulties which I will encounter during my studies. Thank you very much Doctors for Mozambique.