I’m Pita Joaquim, I’m 25 years old, 5th year of general medicine course.

Firstly I would like to thank you all members of the board of DfM, especially to Drs. Gitta and Harrie, for their support.

Secondly I would like to tell a little about the year 2023, it was a difficult year because it was so hot more than it was years ago, price of the first need products increased a lot and it was hard to manage such situations, but thank God I survived the year. Academically it was difficult, mainly in the 5th year because the price of individual protection equipment, such as mask, surgical and procedure gloves, cap, Alcohol increased and was so difficult to manage them until the end of the month. Also, it was so difficult to manage the time because of the occupations, Socially, I was sick sometimes, what made me not to attend the internship few times.

As vice-president of the APESMO Association, I can clearly say that you are doing a great job, because it is not easy to manage an organization like this and it is not easy to find investors to continue doing what you are doing; Finally, I just wanted to ask you to continue doing what you are doing, because there are still many people who do not have the conditions to study medicine but have the potential to do so.


Greetings to all DfM members!

I’m Pita Joaquim, 24 years and 262 days old, I’m about to enter internship (5th academic year of general medicine).

About 2022/2023 academic year, it wasn’t as I expected, I had failed 3 module of first semester but did them for the second chance and I passed 2 of 3 and on 2nd semester I passed the first module but failed them last 2 module and I did the exam the second time and passed a module and still waiting for results for a module but I expect that I will pass it.

On Saturday I will do an oral exam for the module that I failed at the first semester and I expect to pass.

About the year 2022, I was sick and it was so hard to study meanly because the time wasn’t enough to divide for a lot of activities that I faced during the year. The 6th module was so atypical because it was divided by two, 3 weeks on 2022 and the last 3 weeks and exam on 2023 year; so it was so difficult to read at home because of Christmas and 1st of January (New Year holiday).

In the beginning of this year (2023) things continued hardly because of a lot of exams that were postponed and until we didn’t do them yet and we don’t know exactly when we’ll do them and the internship is marked to begin on 06 June this year. I hope this year and the internship will be challenging but I’ll try to manage it.

At the end, I would to thank you all members and donors of DfM, particularly Drs Gitta and Harry for your support, I’m so thankful for this opportunity and hope one day I’ll write a letter thanking you because I’ll be graduated or graduating.

Thank you!


Hello Drs Gitta and Harry and all Doctors for Mozambique foundation’s members!

I hope you all are fine! Here I’m fine.

I’m Pita Joaquim, 23 years and 298 days, doing Fourth year of medicine course at UCM (Catholic of Mozambique University).

Focusing on academic year 2021; it was most challenging because of the number of contents and activities that increased; we started adult clinic. So as a new activity it was so difficult in the beginning and I managed and I passed successfully.

The 4th year activities increased because we started pediatric clinic and it is most challenging because kids don’t tell what they are feeling, so the person that give the information is someone who just suspects what is wrong with his/her child. It is most challenging and most difficult to diagnosis the disease that the child has but my colleague and I are managing such situations.

I started this academic not well because I was sick and it influenced the block exam that I did but I hope to pass successfully.

Finally, I would like to thank you once again for the support that you give to me daily, I would like to thank doctors Birgitta and Harrie by the support that they give to us and by every time visiting us here in Beira. As COVID-19 pandemic is far from the end so continue protecting yourself and others.

Stay safe!


Hello Drs Gitta and Harry and all Doctors for Mozambique Foundations members!

I hope you all are fine! Here I’m fine.

I’m Pita Joaquim, 22 years and 298 days, doing third year of medicine course at UCM (Catholic of Mozambique University). I’m writing to thank your all donors of doctors for Mozambique Foundation scholarship by giving me a second chance to continue doing this course.

Focusing on studies and the year 2020, it was very difficult for me because of the situation of the world; the Covid-19 pandemic made us to adopt a different method of studying: from presential method to online method consumed a lot of data and it was not very productive to learn because sometimes network was not strong enough to participate in the lessons. That was not only the problem: I was sick, at least two times for a month; it happened in period of 4/5 months but thank God now I’m very well. Another factor was: my computer suddenly broke down. Because of that I failed the year and I’m repeating the 3rd year of Medicine as I wrote in the beginning and I’m thankful for such chance, I hope that I will pass.

Third year is most challenging cause we start participating in Adult clinic and we learn a lot. In 3rd year we study why and how things happen in our bodies and how to treat and why we use such type of medicine to treat and why not another type.

This year I was indicated to represent DfM student as a leader and I hope to do it very well and I will interact with you through Drs Gitta and Harry.

Finally, I would like to wish you all a nice year and continue protecting yourselves and you families; there is a pandemic situation and we need to protect ourselves so that we can protect others.

Stay safe!


Hello members of Doctors for Mozambique foundations!

I’m Pita Joaquirm, doing third year of medicine course. I’m writing to thank your all donors of doctors for Mozambique foundations scholarship by the support that you gave us last year, because it was a difficult year because we faced some problems like cyclone Idai. For those that were doing from third to sixth years were given material like stethoscope, alcohol and others because the faculty decided not to give students such material. But you had shown us that you were there for any problem.

Focusing on studies, I passed all blocks and complementary subjects although I had to repeat the exams of a block in theology, and fortunately I passed; it was an unpleasant experience and I hope no to repeat such situation.

In the 2nd year I learned a lot starting with an internship that I had in three weeks; it was good because I had an experience of what my professional life will be like. I also had a block that introduced the 3rd year of medicine where I studied some pathologies.

In this year the dynamics of study tends to change because studying pathologies needs more attention because it is the basis of medicine.

During the year I can face some problems but I hope that they won’t influence my studies and I’ll prevent the commitment of my studies by such problems.

Also I would like to thank Doctors Gitta, Harry and Mauane by encouraging us every year and I ask them to continue strengthen us.

Finally I want to wish you happy 2020 and may God bless you all.


My greetings to all donors of Doctors for Mozambique (DFM) Foundation without forgetting Drs Gitta and Harry.

I am Pita Joaquim; I am 20 years old, 1st year of medicine student at Catholic University of Mozambique (UCM). Firstly, I want to thank you (donors) for the help that you give me and doctor Gitta and other members that work with her here in Mozambique, by encouraging the group.

During propaedeutic year I got much experience such as: time management. Before, I wasn’t able to manage my time but now I’m able to divide my time: time to play and time to study because joy and studies are things that don’t walk together. I also learned the importance of help because alone nothing I can do but with others we can make the impossible happen. First, for me was difficult to find information because it was before familiarizing me with the faculty, but now I know how and where I can find the information. In propaedeutic year I learned subjects such as English where I learnt some basics terms, reading, comprehension of text and developing conversation; chemistry, informatics, biology, statistics, physics, ethics, bioethics and others; I developed some abilities in laboratories with microscope and making some reactions. For me it was interesting but it was a big battle, fortunately, I won it because I passed. In this year (2018) I started to do the 1st year of medicine, I know that it is not easy but it doesn’t matter, medicine was, is and will be my dream.

Finally, I want to say thanks for the help, also telling the foundation that I am so happy knowing that after all there is someone who thinks at us and who helps us: students who want to do the medicine course but because of lack of conditions they might end up staying at home or looking for another alternative.

Thank you.


Pita Joaquim


My name is Pita Joaquim, I am 19 year old, born August 31 1998 at Mangunde, Chibabava district, province of Sofala. My father is Joaquim Vulande and my mother is Isabel André. I started school in 2005. My father paid school fees for me at Djambe primary school. In July 2006 my mother had to stay 2 months in hospital. In 2007 I was transferred to Chibabava upper primary school until 2011. From 2012 on I paid the fees myself at Chibabava secondary school. I never had difficulties. 12th grade I did in Buzí secondary school where I had all exemptions but biology and Portuguese . My headmaster told me that I was pre-selected for a scholarship and I went to Nazaré. I met a lot of other candidates coming from different schools and provinces. I was selected and now I am doing the propaedeutic year as a student of Doctors for Mozambique Foundation. I love this foundation because they help poor Mozambican students who have a dream to study medicine