Number of students
The graph below shows how many students support Doctors for Mozambique Foundation financially. This has of course been made possible by the many donations we have received. In 2020 we supported a total of 38 students. For the academic year 2021 we currently support a total of 38 students.

A few years ago the board of Doctors for Mozambique Foundation decided to also financially support students for the higher nursing education. Graduates of this training also do a lot of good work, especially in medical care in rural areas. For the sake of clarity, they have simply been included in the numbers, and no distinction has been made here by education.


For the sake of clarity of the graph, it has been decided to only display the past 4 years.

The graph below shows per year the numbers of students that have been financially supported by Doctors for Mozambique since its foundation. The academic year in Mozambique equals a calendar year. Because the foundation was founded in 2008, the academic year 2009 was the first year that students could be supported by Doctors for Mozambique.

We are fortunate to have quite a number of graduate doctors and graduates of the higher nursing course. The graph below shows the number of graduates per academic year, as well as the cumulative number. Here, too, no distinction is made on an annual basis between the university training to become a doctor and the higher nursing training. However, it can be said that of the total of 23 graduates, 17 graduated as a doctor and 6 as a senior nurse.