Fundraising activities

In order to achieve our objectives, we need significant amounts of money. Some of our income is derived from donations from private individuals, companies and organizations and via activities arranged by service clubs. We are delighted with all such donations, whether large or small. We aim to thank all our donors and sponsors personally. Unfortunately this is not always possible because, for example, we do not have the necessary contact details. Elsewhere on this site is a list of the companies and organisations that have major contributions over the last year.

The Foundation also organises its own fundraising events.

Service clubs and organisations

  • In November 2013, DfM was one of the three good causes featured at the Oud Prinsen Gala in Nuenen. Proceeds amounted to almost € 20,000 for each good cause, so also for DfM.
  • In June 2014, the Womens Network Agora from Eindhoven organised a car rally near Nuenen. An impressive € 3,000 was raised that day.
  • In October 2014, the ladies of De Gulbergen golf club collected € 1,000 during a sponsored golf tournament.

Events organised by the Foundation

In recent years, the active organisation of our own events has proved a good and structural source of income. The charity dinner at Pezzaz is always a particularly notable success. Since 2011, we have been organizing this dinner twice a year – a full evening of culinary spoliation for 60 guests. In the kitchen, volunteers work under the watchful eye of restaurateur Andreas Vostermans, and the board members perform the role of waiters, supervised by Sandra Vostermans. The result: enthusiastic reactions, immediate reservations for the next dinner and proceeds amounting to an impressive € 5,000 per evening. Well worth all the hard work!

In October 2014 we organised our first wine-tasting event. 120 guests gathered at the Water Mill in Opwetten to taste and purchase fine wines in a charming setting. The net proceeds were a respectable € 4,000 – not bad, certainly for a first time. We are considering ways of following this up.