My name is Tomás DA cruz David. I was born on May 7/2005 in Machanga district,but I grew up in Chibabava.

My father has got two wives. He has got nine children. He has got five children with my mother and four children with another wife, my stepmother.

I have got seven brother studying at primary school and a sister studying at secondary school.

My father is a teacher of primary school. He teaches at Hamamba primary school in Chibabava district.

My mother is a business woman she sells bananas.

My brother and I live in Chibabava with my mother. My father and my stepmother live in Hamamba. They live in Hamamba because my father works there in Hamamba. My father lives far of us and he has come at the weekend, after that he goes back to work on Monday morning.

My parents paid all school fees. It is important to say that I am firstborn of my parents.

In order to finish my letter I would like to say that I finished grade 7 at Chibabava primary school in 2018; and I finished grade 12 at Mangunde secondary school in 2023.